JW's pressed the rain down in Ukraine

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  • TheOldHippie

    Steve2, I think you might be mixing Romania and Ukraine together. In Romania you have a major splinter group (Rutherfordian-Early Knorrian group). What happened in Ukraine? Russian occupation happened. On the Crimea, there were many JWs, and they now find themselves in a twilight country.

    And many seem to forget one thing when commenting on declining number of JWs in specific countries: There is a HUGE migration from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine etc. etc. to all of the Western European countries. So it does not make sense in the way it did earlier to look at the Yearbook to find out how it is in JW land in a country as Poland. Population size is declining in some of these countires, people leave for other countries, and that is reflected in the number of JWs. In some of the Western European countries, up towards 7-8-9 % of the JWs are Polish, come from Poland. Of course there is therefore a decline or at least no growth in Poland itself. And the same goes for Lithuania, Ukraine etc.

    If one should find out how it is "really" going these days, one would have to add the number of JWs in for example Polish-speaking congregations in Germany etc. to the number of JWs in Poland itself.

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