Maybe get a little band together?

by blaid 10 Replies latest social entertainment

  • blaid

    Hey, I have been playing the electric bass for about a year now, but since im being DF'ed i wont be able to go and practice like I used to. Anyone got a setup where a few people could come by one or twice a week and jam?

  • Hamas

    Thats great, and good luck, man.

  • micheal

    Hey Blaid that is something I have been dying to do - It would be great to get something together!

  • heathen

    blaid--- You forgot to mention where you live . I play bass and guitar also sing a little. I think band projects are a great idea if you can find people that can get along and spend as much time as it takes to be successful . Have fun .

  • Odrade

    Blaid, hop a bus over to SE (hawthorne area) and look in the coffee shops. There are usually calls on the pegboards for jam sessions/new members. Also, try Apple Music, they always have informal listings.

    (Yes, I'm from the area.)


  • gumby

    Maybe someday this site ....and us.....could become advanced enough to where each person could upload his music part and it could be put together as a tune........though were miles apart. I can sing pretty good.

    Farkle is the only one who has done so on the board I know of with his piano abilities, but it would be cool if more talents could be brought here also somehow.


  • garybuss

    I play hard as nails, walking up the stairs electric honky tonk lead guitar in the style on Tom Tomlinson. I used to jam with my JW acquaintances and my brother. GaryB

  • heathen

    AAAhhhhh I see oregon . Hey garybus I woulda never expected you to be a rip roaring guitar player . I guess I determined that from the pic in your profile .lol I kinda like the idea of an afest with all talented people hooking up and having a ho down . I don't know if it's possible to do anything on the web. I really love the rock, metal and blues stuff but at this point only interested in doing my own music . You'll never make millions playing other peoples stuff I always say .

  • Nosferatu

    I've actually been in a few bands, and I'm in one currently. I've been mostly the lead singer, however I've played a bit of guitar as well. I actually have a CD of the band that I'm currently in. I've been thinking of setting up a website with all my musical accomplishments. I have a bunch more things to clean up before I have the time to set up a website though.

    I'm guessing I live nowhere near you blaid. Good luck on your musical journey though!

  • garybuss

    My brother and I played together a lot. He played rhythm guitar and he was good at it. I played lead. When I left the group, that all ended. GaryB

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