Memorial Services

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  • Phizzy

    I think it depends upon the Elder giving the Talk, ( it is a Talk, more than a "Service").

    The last one I attended was for a very well known JW lady, born in, 70 or so years a JW.

    About 350 people attended, the K.H not large enough to hold them all.

    The Talk was by an Elder who had known her for decades and was 90% about her, I thanked him afterward as I thought he had done a good job, and I commended him on such a good account of her as a person, and her life.

    He showed me the instructions on the bottom of his Outline, which he construed as meaning he should present quite a eulogy as the main part of his talk.These seemed to me to be changed instructions from the old outline.

    Many dick head Elders will not even have read those instructions, or, out of ego, ignored them.

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