Different Types Of Abuse

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  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore

    There is alot if press here in Australua on the Royal Commission about child abuse in the JW faith. However that is just one type of abuse, abuse can be physical or mental, we tend to forget about the various types of mental abuse in the JW faith. My story is not unique and apologies for grammar etc.

    My father and mother emigrated to Perth Australia many decades ago when I was very young. I am now in my mid 50's. We were a typical Jehovah Witness family. Shortly after arriving in Australia my parents divorced. Given the shunning practice it destroyed our family with my mother staying in the JWs and my father and the children my brothers and myself leaving. When we grew up we all went separate ways and hardly seen each other let alone communicated to any standard. I got closer to my father after a failed marriage but hardly seen my mother who remains in the faith. The shunning certainly had the desired effect of destroying our family. My father remarried a non JW and is very happy.

    Decades later I was going through a very difficult time and started to get closer to my mother, I had a normal life up until then but was depressed with relationship issues as well as work and health issues. I started to look at going back into the JW faith through my mother and ended up cutting the rest of my family and friends out of my life who were all non JWs. I ended up only knowing JWs.

    I now go through stages of utter depression at my life which has been ruined by the JWs and Watchtowers critical execution of a faith that is full of contradictions, false predictions, outright cruelty and disregard for any way of life that is not dictated by the Watchtower. At times you feel they make it up as they go along. They have zero tolerance for other faiths, yet all other religions practice Harmony to all others, JWs don't.

    While the JW faith is not new it is relatively new compared to the mainstem religions. I am convinced that if it was started in more modern times it would be considered a cult and banned in most first world countries. They prey on vulnerable people who are down, conflicted or going through tough times. These are their bread and butter converts, who join with promises of a better more fulfilling life. That is not the case, you end up frustrated, confused, depressed and more importantly alone with no friends out with the JW faith. This is exactly what the Watchtower wants. I have never felt so alone or depressed, with no real friends outside the Witnesses, I have lost all my family except my JW mother. I even gave up emails, social media etc and my lifestyle, hobies. Again this is what they want as the last thing they want is you getting unbiased information especially from ex JWs who out number practising JWs. My life is destroyed which has caused me to make several attempts to end my life. You are in effect brain washed when most vulnerable.

    I would urge anyone who has family or friends who in a moment of weakness consider joining JWs to not abandon them. You need to be there for them when they are spat out or when they realize the magnitude of the mistake they are making. I don't have that support network. This is exactly what the watchtower wants. They don't care they are ruining lives.

    I have no idea what I will do or what life holds for me as I don't have a non JW support network. I even gave up the man I loved dearly because he had no intention of being a JW! Life is very tough being a JW. Its full as I said of contradictions, false predictions and extreme lack of tolerance to non JWs and cruelty to practising JWs.

    So please do not abandon any friends or family who get sucked into this false faith, they will need you. We need to do as much as we can not to loose people to this cult which ruin's lives. They have no regards for countries laws and traditions which can be seen in all the child abuse hearings that seen to be happening in a lot of countries. This is the tip of the iceberg and not the only abuse they practice or cover up. I hate to think how many people take their life when they can see no way back. I have been and still are there. I would give anything to turn the clock back. While I don't agree with what has been happening in Russia and their lack of tolerance to religion and human rights I do think their approach to ban this religion may not be a bad thing.

    So please think twice before joining this religion they are masters of manipulation and preying on vulnerable people while at the same time practicing zero tolerance for others or other countries laws. Not the ideas you would associate with any other religion.

    Amanda Jane Moore

    Perth Western Australia

  • snowbird

    Yes, indeed.

    WT slowly sucks the life out of its adherents while promising and predicting better things that never materialize.

    My advice to you is to start living THIS day the way YOU want.

    Then, take it from there, one step at a time.


    Sylvia Lee Snowden

    Wilcox County State of Alabama

  • joe134cd

    Amanda I have sent you a PM

  • Tapioca

    Welcome to the forum here, Welcome! Two items for thought: 1) You are 100% correct about the different types of abuse. Sweetie, it breaks my heart to hear about your pain. 2) You will be able to help others with your clear messages to "think twice" about joining up and "do not abandon any friends or family." Your experience has been a harsh teacher, but you are safe to vent here and to explore your many options for the future. It will get better. It will get better...just as Sylvia says, when you begin this very day to live the life YOU want for yourself. Please let us know what we can do to help you on your journey of peace.

  • skin

    Your opening post is so true. We all welcome you here.

    Skin - NZ

  • jwleaks

    In Case Study 54 earlier this year Justice McClellan and the ARC explained to Watchtower and the JWs that their mishandling of child abuse amounted to more abuse of the victim. This secondary abuse is carried out under strict instructions from the GB and includes shunning, theocratic warfare, denying of wrongdoing, refusal to apologise, and the victimising of victims and tbeir family. It would not surprise me that the secondary abuse is also included in the redress scheme.


    Victoria, Australia

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I had terrible anxiety issues as a JW. Looking back I realize this all stemmed from growing up in expectation that in the near future, my father, most of my relatives and possibly myself if I wasn't a good boy, would be destroyed at the hand of God at Armageddon. If I was deemed good enough to be spared from destruction, there would surely be some sort of torture or tribulation to endure before the whole thing was over.

    Even as an otherwise normal man with a nice wife and family of my own, when I hit my mid 40's I started having free floating anxiety attacks. These didn't stop until about a week or so after I decided to stop going to meetings.

    I spoke to different Drs. and Counselors during my decade long ordeal but I never talked to them about being a JW as I didn't want to bring "reproach" on the organization. They were baffled as to what was going on with me. Nothing they gave me or said to me helped.

    It wasn't until I began to awaken from the TRUTH that I allowed myself to talk about that aspect of my life. It was then that all the pieces began to come together. I was diagnosed with a PTST like syndrome due to a childhood that was filled with horrific end times predictions that never occurred. My Counselor told me that Children aren't equipped with the emotional tools needed to process that kind of information and telling a child that the world is going to end in destruction, and that their father and friends and possibly themselves will be destroyed by god in a cataclysmic event, is a form of child abuse.

    JW' s endure weekly if not daily doses of this kind of thing and there's no wonder so many of them are messed up. I am so thankful to be at peace with myself. Even with all the serious things going on out there, I have never felt more at ease with the world as I do now. It is so much easier to live knowing that certain weather events, natural disasters and human activities are random rather than caused by or as a result of a supreme being who purposely inflicted havoc on the human race.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Nicely written post by the way Amanda. You sound like a very thoughtful and compassionate person. I hope you will look up other former JW's in your area who can relate to your situation and ease your burden while you make the transition.

    It is when we're looking backward in time, that we feel anger, regret, frustration and sadness. Looking too far forward in time brings on anxiety and fear. Try to live in the present moment as much as you can and look for little things to be grateful for each day or each hour if need be. Like most of us have had to do, keep your nose pointed in the direction of where you want to be and in time, little by little you'll find yourself there. It's the law of attraction. We are drawn toward what we think about the most.

  • smiddy

    Welcome Amanda from a fellow aussie.That was a very sad but very true first post , I`m sure you will get a lot of helpful encouragement from many on this forum.The first thing you need to do is take control of your own life .

    You dont owe anybody else anything,live the rest of your life the way you want to live from this day on. I wish you all the best in your freedom from this WT cult.

  • stuckinarut2


    It is great to have yet another Aussie wake up and join our community!

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