New Dead Sea Scrolls revealed -never before seen Nehemiah - 586 BCE Destruction of Jerusalem

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  • BluesBrother

    Although I agree 100% with your intentions, this article by itself means nothing. Was the fragment bearing the date 586BCE? (that is sarcasm) Unless it contained some other information that related to the dating references it means no more than any existing info.

    It does not help when it is not known how it came to be where it is and it's provenance is uncertain

  • Fisherman

    (607 BCE) disagrees with the evidence-based date (586 BCE).

    Great Post about the dead sea fragments! Appreciated.

    It is a historical fact that Babylon fell (resulting in the freeing of Jewish captives) in October 539 BCE + 70 years Jewish captivity =609 BCE*

    *609 -Gedaliah's rule - the time it took for the Jews to return to Jerusalem =607 BCE approximately.

    Since it is given that the Bible is the infallible word of God, Bible extrapolated dates trump until proven different, which is not the case with 586 and other non 607 BCE dates.

  • GoneAwol

    @Fisherman: "It is a historical fact" references please.....cheers

  • ssn587

    Study of biblical history and reading the biblical myth book really got me on the road to get the hell out. False friends cemented the leaving.

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