Are the witnesses working the homeless territory in down town L.A.Calif

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Today after leaving the VA center in L.A. I drove around to see the homeless and

    OH my. Blocks and blocks of tents, card board boxes, hundreds of homeless people with

    a look of desperation on their faces. Children, elderly, guys drinking right in front of the mission,

    drug deals and this was at 10 o'clock in the morning.

    I had no idea it was that bad. Folks we have a big problem here in L.A.

    We have military bases that have closed, why not use those bases for the homeless

    I was looking to see JW carts in the area, none around. That would be a great

    territory for magazine placements.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Sure, why not? They can then daydream about owning post Armageddon mansions.

  • wozza

    GB meeting......."we could get the brothers to call out to see the homeless ,but there's no money in it "

    Elders at local kingdom hall......."we could get the brothers to call out to see the homeless, but then we would have to take the group out there"

    Publishers at local Kingdom Hall......."we could go and witness to the homeless but there's no Starbucks nearby and the poor buggers can't read anyway can they?"

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    VI: give them a false hope, so true.....

    wozza: I was thinking the same, "no money in it".

  • StarryNight9

    It's cheaper in the long run to give homeless people free housing. I think we as a society are too stuck on "no freebies" and "deserving/earning help" to see the forest through the trees. A lot of these things aren't actual "freebies" - it's an investment that pays out big down the road.

  • LV101

    These people can't work - at least right now - and need housing and help. What kind of society are we not to help them - well, we already know the cult people are inhumane.

    I'll read your article StarryNight9

  • smiddy

    I found that very interesting SN9

    ,I wonder if the WT would take that on as an investment in growth in the organization .replacing the banished Bethelites with homeless people.?

    Seriously though , that really is thinking outside the box and is to be applauded , their are people who find themselves in situations like this " being homeless" simply because of circumstances of life , making a wrong decision here or there , and then life spiraling downhill out of control.

    As for JW`s wanting them in their midst ,? you gotta be kidding. They don`t fit their I MAGE .


  • steve2

    JW org is not attracted to the homeless for they have little money and lots of problems - kind of like JWs but dirtier and there's only so much kingdom soap to go around those money-poor people.

  • Wayward

    My hubby and I have come very close to being flat broke and at risk of losing our home. We both work in the construction industry and its sucked in our area for the last several years. I came face to face with how easy it would be to become homeless through no fault of our own. We've been lucky to keep our jobs when so many others have lost theirs.

    I'm surprised you didn't see any JWs working the homeless camps. They're great at the whole 'keep warm and well fed' routine.

  • ToesUp

    The JW's don't really want to see it (homelessness). It's easier to sit on a busy city corner or at an airport and watch society pass by. It's all about the hours, not the saving of lives. We have watched our uber dub family pioneer, serve at bethel and become broke need greaters, without giving a rats as* about the struggling JW (not so uber) family members. If you don't care about your family, how can you care about some stranger walking by or behind a door? If the JW's didn't have to put any hours in, no one would participate in the ministry. Bottom line....they measure you by your title(s), tasks you perform and the hours you put in. Nothing else!

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