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  • Kenneson

    Someone sent me an interesting article that I would like to share. Granted, it is very lengthy, but worth the read. Dr. Kradjian maintains that "...all cows' milk contains blood! The inspectors are simply asked to keep it under certain limits. You may be horrified to learn that USDA allows milk to contain from one to one and a half million white blood cells per millitre. (That's only 1/30 of an ounce). If you don't already know this, I'm sorry to tell you that another way to describe white cells where they don't belong would be to call them pus cells."

    If this find is true, will JW's be permitted to continue using it?

    In all fairness, if this article is true, should anyone drink milk?

    Since the article is so long, the following is a synoposis:

    "Cows milk has 59 active hormones, scores of allergens, fat and cholesterol, measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), 52 powerful antibiotics (perhaps 53 with LS-50), blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses.' Why do we make our kids drink this stuff?"

    This info comes from the site. Any comments?

  • Aztec

    I drink soymilk. So do my JW parents. I like Silk's Vanilla Soymilk or 8th Continent's Vanilla. Yummy! :-)


  • shotgun

    Cheezes Kenneson homogenized cow pus........that post moo....moo....moved me to try something else in my coffee

    Hey aztec my three year old has milk allergies so she only drinks soy...Is that why you drink soy or is it just your preferred choice?

  • Kenneson


    Sorry to have grossed you out so early in the morning.

    My take on the topic is that although cows' milk may be unhealthy it sure is soothing and tastes good. But then isn't too much alcohol, too much meat, too much cafeine, too much tobacco also unhealthy? Perhaps milk needs to be drunk in moderation like the others. Anyway, I'm not ready to be giving it up altogether.


    As to soy milk, I haven't tried it. But it should be worth a try.

    Although I prefer cows' milk, I make a drink mostly from powdered milk. Wonder if that is more healthy?

  • Aztec

    Shotgun, #1 Soymilk tastes better and #2 I'm a wannabe health nut...LOL! There are far too many hormones in regular cow's milk and I am trying not to ingest any of them. :-)


  • Aztec

    Kenneson, you can get soymilk in vanilla, chocolate and caffe latte flavors. Give it a try! :-)


  • iiz2cool

    I drink soymilk because of lactose intolerance. Not that I personally mind drinking regular milk, but most people in my immediate vicinity prefer that I stay away from it. If only they'd make ice cream using soy products!


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • drwtsn32

    That site reminds me of (which seems to be unavailable right now).

    I find it very interesting/ironic that western countries that drink a lot of milk to supposedly strengthen our bones are the same countries that have problems with osteoporosis.

    I don't really think milk is all that good for you. I never drink it straight from a glass... on the occasion that I actually eat breakfast I might have cold cereal with milk. Soy milk works great for that! It kind of has a nutty taste to it but it's pretty good!

  • eisenstein


    Exactly!!! NEW LIGHT!!!

    I even heard a farmer one time talking with some other farmers that he had to give one of his cows a blood transfusion!!!

    I've read the book Fit for Life a few times and hardly can stand to drink milk any more! I drink soy milk most of the time.


  • czarofmischief

    Probably not. I bet they're wishing J.R. had never even thought about the subject.

    Who cares? Pump me up and give me a milk!


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