Movie Trivia: Favorite Quotes - Guess the actor & movie

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  • nilfun

    Oh my.

    Well I did asterisk out the offensive words.

    Oh dear

  • nilfun

    Or should I just keep the first letter of the offensive word (a la Kitties & horses oh My), like so:

    Man: "Yes they f*( do!"


    A confusled nilfun


    Hey, now I'm feeling so sad & rejected cause my whole post was deleted, even though I used *** in between the first and the last letters of any cuss words.

  • nilfun

    Dang, and it was a funny quote from that great movie "The Usual Suspects".

    Maybe I should have used "whoopsie" ? I'm serious, I hate having posts deleted, and I'd rather know what's kosher around here. I'm real good at following the rules, honest.

    Can somebody help me out here? Anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?

  • SixofNine

    Was it Kaiser Rollplay, in The Usual Suspects?

    Did you actually see your post here on the forum, nilfun?

    your pyschic friend, six

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I never saw your post nilfun.

  • nilfun

    Sweet acknowledgement! lol

    Oh, it was here. was here.

    It was a quote from Fenster (Benicio Del Toro).

    *nilfun, of the "can you read my mind?" class*

  • nilfun

    I was nestled right between Kitties and Goshawk. So cosy.

    Well, in the grand scheme of things, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

    Carry on, folks.

  • Scully

    Here's another one:

    (Female): I love you!
    (Male): I love you too! But your timing sucks!
  • SixofNine

    Is it Monday already? The mods "play dirty" on mondays, lol.

  • nilfun

    LoL ((six))

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