1 hour 14 minute ph call from coordinator last night ?

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  • Chook

    I didn't recognise his number , cordial talk for 2 minutes then what can I say , the chook rose to the occasion. I will relay main points but the order is not necessarily correct.

    He wants to visit with an other elder ( I live in two states 2/3 of time in a new house in their territory, but they don't know address yet ). I say no thanks. I say are you inquiring to lynch me to which he replies with the old " we are trying to save the Chook ". I said I can only worship on fact based system and then the remaining 1 hour 12 minutes of self incrimination. I said I believe that the awake magazine of 1947 that said disfellowshipping was a pagan practice. I said you have window cleaners and painters on JCs , and I relayed to him known acquaintances that are bonified fruit loops that in the position of elders these fruit loops destroyed families.

    I said if you can explain the overlapping generation and then how these millions now living that will never die as to their whereabouts . I can get a bit ADHD so can you imagine how many subjects I smashed during this ph call. Education , charitable works to the community, blood, Lot .

    144000 , I reassured him that the partakers are the growth sector of the org , then I said the number will become symbolic. I promised him from the bottom of my heart that if there is some god in heaven that has any interest in taking humans to live with him that there is no way in hell that judge Rutherford is hanging out with Jah and his cohorts. I told him to read the transcripts on Moyle vs WT. Rutherford was a religious bully on dozens apon dozens of eye witness accounts.

    Smashed the subject of child baptisms and them not free to explore other churches, I told him my catholic mother didn't shun me for apostatising from the Catholics to explore the teachings of pastor Russell. Then he tried to tell me that they wouldn't get DF for going to another church once . I said so can they get married in another church without a Jc which he conceded defeat . But the conversion I perceived in the end that he knew the chook didn't want to roost at the Jw temple.

    Then there was the inquiry as to my wife's views to which I said would be best answered by her . They have her ph number. I'm no prophet but I smell roast chook on the horizon. I said why do you need an accomplice to visit me if you are personally interested in my welfare, I said if you want an second eye witness that you could be on loudspeaker for all I know ?

    This guy genuinely believes the cult , and he has done no objective research on this religion. They honestly believe they are there to save or bury . I think it's like a wild bird hunt and the chook is dinner. I should of remembered an said I don't negotiate with terrorists that would of sealed the fate. The subject of apostasy rose to which I defended freedom of speech based on know facts .

    What do you think is for Sunday roast at Warwick bethel , roast ch... anybody ?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You told him Chook! trouble is, JWs are not interested in truth only in loyalty to the cult.

  • pale.emperor

    Love the way you reason Chook. Im aware that Oz has VAST amounts of empty space to get from territory to territory. Are they really gonna travel that far just to get you?

  • tepidpoultry

    Well stick around here, you're a good guy I like having you! :)

  • tepidpoultry


  • steve2

    You da man. There is something incredibly likeable about you. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • ToesUp

    You did great but you are right, they will cook you up and gladly serve you up. At least you had your say. Sometimes ya just gotta go kicking and screaming. I know how you feel. Great job!

  • Wakanda

    Way to go Chook. Wish I could tell off some elders, but can't yet... You are inspiring me.


  • Unstuck

    Well done Chook! Prouda you! I think we all fantasize about what we would say, given the chance. And you just lived a few of our fantasies!

    BTW - I like my roast chook with a good dolloping of gravy and crunchy roast spuds. If you lived our way, we'd put on a Sunday spread for you to celebrate your roasting!!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    You stated your case loud and clear to them, and if it's energized you - brilliant!

    The bottom line is however, that anyone who opens their mouth to elders are wasting their breath! Elders neither hear nor want to hear what faders/apostates have to say. It's the nature of the beast which they represent. If the elder didn't record the conversation this time, you can bet your bottom dollar he'll be prepared to do so if he calls again. You're now in his cross-hairs.

    If you want peace and quiet from them, just tell them you've nothing to discuss with them at present, but you know where to get them if you change your mind.

    I wish you the very best as you deal with the circling wolves.

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