JWs want to preach right now so very badly, they feel the fish are biting

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  • BourneIdentity

    They know many people are fearful and feeling vulnerable due to world events.

    But something I’ve always considered is how will they be better off by becoming a JW. They can be a JW, but the world events still are happening causing everyone anxiety. And no, JWs are not immune from this, JWs are more anxious and paranoid as ever right now.

    So really, what benefit do they get by converting? Is it just to feel like your better than everyone else and have all life’s answers? Which we know isn’t the case.

    They can’t even feel comfortable about learning there is no hell and going to a paradise earth, because most JWs I know aren’t sure they are good enough to make it. That comes from all the leaders preaching they are never doing enough, do more, give more! They are much worse off I feel, in a past religion they believed they were going to heaven with no doubts in their minds.

    Do any of you see what strong benefits someone gains by becoming one? The only thing I can possibly think of is the instant group of friends they gain.

  • Finkelstein

    So really, what benefit do they get by converting?

    They take on a self identity of righteousness before god, in his approval ready to catch that ticket to eternal paradise.

    The wicked world to them is soon to come down as promised so subconsciously they are internally happy, the most happiest people on earth.

    They accept the fulfillment of prophecy happening all around them in their minds.

    In the mean time they get some redemption from their sins (thank you Jesus) and some direction which they have been told they need to stay righteous. (thank you Watchtower Corporation )

    They cant wait for Armageddon to occur, the really good stuff will come after that.

    Bring it on Jah, your will be done as it is in heaven.

  • Still-out

    I think there may be benefits to someone who does not have a faith or social structure to lean on. Witnesses are very social people and the love bombing feels so good to the lonely. Also, hope is a very powerful motivator and the hope of a righteous new world is very soothing to someone searching for relief from oppression, depression or someone in mourning.

  • WTWizard

    There is no benefit. First, any xian denomination will milk you of money and energy, and put it into turning this pandemic into a situation where we will all be greys under the reptilians. Do you call that a benefit? Already, these religions have fed energy into the protests so Antifa could use it to make riots out of them, and then later to put a stop to the right to protest at all.

    Additionally, there is more detriment to jokehovian witlesses above and beyond that. Do you want someone making sure that you are not allowed to prep for anything in peace? What if your store is closed because of a couple of coronavirus cases coming out of it or because riots destroy it? What happens if they simply close because walmart has taken advantage of the situation and destroyed them? I fully expect that, soon, all small and medium sized retail stores will be assimilated or destroyed by walmart. What then?

    All it takes is a few days. Never mind the second coronavirus wave lockdowns that last months until we all get those RFID chips to make greys out of us all. It just takes a week or two of riots where you are not able to get to your store (and the race riots could be added to with economic riots in the near future). And shortages--what happens when there simply isn't any more food reaching the stores because the FDA stopped farmers from selling directly to stores or customers? And, the jokehovian witless hounders have appropriated all your stockpiled food for those who they deem "strong in the truth"? What then?

    And, soon there will be field circus again. Granted, they will be required to wear face masks (because of the shame and reproach thing on this parasite's name). Do you wish to be wearing special dress masks that cost more than double what a normal cloth mask costs, while requiring dry cleaning? And they are only between 20% and 50% effective, while not going out at all is 100% effective, at stopping you from spreading coronavirus from door to door. (Remember, many who are at home have zero exposure and are vulnerable, unlike those who have had to work through it who have had enough exposure to develop resistance).

    Besides, do you really want to waste time and money doing field circus that you should be using to prepare now? Yes, the shortages are temporarily easing. But, the economy will put a lot of small and mid-sized processors (and stores--think L.L. Bean, Wegmans, Raleys, Shaws, and many other regional supermarkets and retail stores) out of business. This will make it easier for rioters or fake coronavirus cases to be used to put the remaining outlets and processors out of commission, creating more widespread shortages that lead to famines. Believe me, the time you waste on that religion is better spent getting ahead of this, plus they will confiscate whatever you procure to prepare for it.

    Is this a benefit?

  • alanv

    Many of us stayed for over 20 years, so clearly we felt at the time there was a benefit. for me it was a large group of instant friends. I was18 and only had a few friends, then suddenly after joining there would be countless. And we had a great time in each others company. Going out for drinks, meals together, concerts it was all good fun. Then suddenly once i had realized the truth was not the truth, one by one all those so called friends deserted me.


    yes, the fish are biting again, yet somehow WTS membership numbers have remained the same for the last 20 yrs

  • nowwhat?

    Very similar to the tumultuous time of the 1960's

  • BluesBrother

    What evidence is there that the ordinary JW “wants to preach so badly”?

    I don’t see it. The ones I know in family are loving the break and seem to have forgotten their former routine. I hear nothing about the ministry, except cynical laughter when an elder dared to ask if they had a report.

    Anyway , what benefits would a convert get? I have hardly seen a new one for years unless you count the lonely foreigner who was distinctly, ahem, mentally challenged.

    Still, he would get , community, a sense of belonging, perhaps a faith, some Bible knowledge, perhaps a hope for a better future... Even though we can see that to be false.

  • DesirousOfChange

    What evidence is there that the ordinary JW “wants to preach so badly”? ~ Blues Brother

    Agreed! Most JW's are happy to be sitting home in their underwear on Sat & Sun mornings. Even those who are doing any kind of phone witnessing are mostly loafing while watching/listening to poorly planned phone conversations. It's a joke!

  • Vidiot
    BourneIdentity - "Do any of you see what strong benefits someone gains by becoming one?"

    Despite what they say, being an active, obedient JW isn't really all that enjoyable... and on some level, the leadership knows it.

    At this point, the only real incentive left is being affiliated with "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization".

    Why else do you think virtually every decision the Org makes has the ultimate goal of maintaining that fiction?

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