Knock! Knock! Sept 2017 Broadcast.

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  • freddo

    PLEASE would someone with more skills than me link to "Knock! Knock!" a section of the Sept 2017 Jborg broadcast at 44.00 mins to 53.00 mins approx.

    Please watch and add your thoughts.

    It concludes with two very old sisters (obviously the motherless young girls in the video who listened to Rutherford and received the Millions Now Living Will Never Die pamphlet - the irony) still waiting for the resurrection - happily surrounded by their offspring?

  • freddo

    Let's see if this works ...

  • charonsdog

    Wait, that was an actual presentation by WT? I thought it was a spoof..

  • Sandino

    Charonsdog: This is as real as real gets.

    I watched it with some older family members of mine, and they ate it up! I thought "you guys are SO blind!"


    Sludge Joseph Franklin Rutherfraud, our second president of the incorporated Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, will be arriving refreshed to our fine 7 day assembly after spending winters in his 5,000 square foot home in San Diego,California.After being dropped off in a V-16 Cadillac and carried to the podium, his timely talk, ''Millions Now Living Will Die, '' will be broken into 15 minutes intervals due to frequent urination breaks after too many alcoholic beverages.

  • millie210

    Obviously they are worried about their timeline. Got to show the folks how happy these 2 old women are that they stayed the course.

    At least the stuffed toy doesnt look any worse for wear...

  • Londo111

    Some of that is funny.

  • freddo

    It is very real and still up on jborg broadcasting - go to the September 2017 broadcast and start at about 44 mins ...

    I thought how strange they would show off the millions now living will never die! leaflet; have two kids (who have lost their mother in death) shown as grown up and staying the course awaiting the resurrection with their family around them.

    Do they not see that the millions now living who would never die (even if they were little girls just then) are around 90 years old if that film was set in about 1935?


  • Londo111

    The Millions booklet was all about 1925. I believe that was before the phonograph witnessing.

  • pepperheart

    Ididnt think jws were ment to have children ?

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