Out with the old - In with the new - what a cycle.

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  • morningworship
    I was present for the first Bethel talk introducing the iron boot back into the field. I saw many 20-30 year people get reassigned to special pioneering. This year, most of them got the boot again and were encouraged to regular pioneer (back to back boots):) This week I received a called from some Bethelites and guess where they are all being reassigned to.(Special Pioneering). What a vicious cycle, and I bet most of the Jubs can't read their strategy. They just love to keep drinking the juice.
  • park ave boy
    park ave boy
    Well with the potential sale of the Brooklyn buildings at $1 billion bucks they suddenly have the money to pay them. Money makes money. More special pioneers = more income.
  • eyeuse2badub

    All of the recent 'knee jerk reaction' moves and changes by the borg has even 'long time loyalists' beginning to question the stability of the leadership! I hear it all the time from my 'still-in' friends and relatives and of course I always do my best to add fuel to the growing fire.

    just saying!


  • Vidiot

    eyeused2beadub - "...even 'long time loyalists' beginning to question the stability of the leadership..."

    Not too difficult to believe, actually, all things considering... :smirk:

  • Finkelstein

    PSSST ..... Bro. Lett we are now selling the most valuable properties in Brooklyn for a 1 billion or more, the Real Estate professionals say they should sell quickly .

    Oh Reaaaaaly ........ Well I didn't know, we just gave the boot to a bunch of Special Pioneers ...... ooops

    I think I'll get out of town for awhile

    I'll go tell my secretary to book a flight somewhere in Europe.

  • Sabin
    I find Stephen Lett really creepy. Everything about his expressions & posture shouts "I'M A BIG FAT LIAR"
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    whats all that behind Lett's head--did god sneeze ?
  • morningworship
    He will just call that trip to Europe a zone visit.

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