Attending a same-sex wedding

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  • Samantharockeby33

    Hello everyone,

    My cousin, whom is not JW, but we have grown up together our whole lives has just gotten engaged to her same sex partner, I am very conflicted on wether I can/should attend the wedding or not. I am very close with my cousin and her partner and they are very understanding to our beliefs and differences as she grew up with our whole family being JW. Some family members have already said they will definitely be attending and some definitely not attending so I just want some extra advice and guidance! Please still be respectful, I understand more than anyone how socially charged this subject is.

    Thankyou in advance

  • lurkernomore

    If your close to both of them what's there to think about?!

  • konceptual99

    I assume you are an active Witness. If you have any kind of "privileges" like being an elder or pioneer then you risk losing them if found out. Other than that I know of no sanctions that can be applied, just the disapproving glares of your judgemental 'friends".

  • smiddy

    I appreciate you are a newbie on this forum Sam..... i`m not sure whether you are aware that this is primarily an ex JW site ,however we certainly welcome anybody else who comes here

    So let me be one who does welcome you with no conditions attached.

    Depending on your involvement with JW`s , their are many things that need to be considered .

    Are you baptised ? Are you young and still under your parents control ?

    Are you still in the religion because of family /friends ?

    If you are an adult who can make your own decisions why would you give that up to another person to make a decision for you ?

    If you are still a practicing JW and attend a gay marriage by a celebrant then you can expect the full force of the JC to come down on you. for attending.

    If you dont give a stuff what the JW`s say or do then by all means go and support your cousin , you say you are very close to your cousin , keep that realationship together , because the relationships of JW`s are very conditional

  • Heaven

    If you care about them, then go to their wedding and wish them joy, love, and happiness together.

  • Xanthippe

    Go and celebrate their love and new life together. And when you stop caring what other people think about you, you will start a new phase of your life, having the freedom to live the way you decide is right. Enjoy the wedding!

  • DJS

    All the barriers you've already crossed just to ask this question on a public forum strongly suggests you want to go.

    And that you will regret not going.

    Go. By all means, GO. You will like yourself a lot better if you do.

  • Samantharockeby33

    Thanks so much for the positive suggestions :) I am 19 and still live at home. I am baptised, but haven't been going to meetings for many months as I've been trying to live a little and figure some stuff out. I'm most worried about my parents... I don't want to ruin relationships with other family members by going, such as the relationships with my mum and dad, uncles and aunts. I'm just wondering if there is any evidence in the teachings that anybody knows of that supports me attending?? That would make me feel so much better in attending if I can show something to my parents :)

  • DJS


    If you are asking whether the JWs have ever taught that attending a same sex wedding would be acceptable, or even a conscience matter that would not result in official actions being taken against you, the answer to that is most likely no. Others are much better versed on the JW teaching archives than I, but I doubt that you will find anything.

    This is yet another example of how the WT leaders make laws and rules for conscience matters. I'm sure you struggle with this, at 19. It is the reason many of us left the cult, including me.

    Good luck.

  • snugglebunny

    I'd certainly attend. You may not agree with same-sex marriage, but there again you don't have to agree with it in order for you to attend. It's not like when we were JW's and we had to "make a stand" over anything and everything.

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