Open KHs again.

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  • asp59

    People you think GB going against holy spirit when they opening up kingdom halls again? Clearly this is not a arrangement that's being bless anymore. There's must be s reason for that. Why go against holy spirits decision. If you are not s believer. What's the point opening up if before convid the attendance was 60 or 50 %. With vaccines and regulations it's gonna be like 20% attendance or less. They not gonna recibe donations even to cover rent and electricity with does numbers.

  • Gorb



  • hoser

    It will just be another layer of stratification in the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Those that physically attend the meetings will be considered as being more spiritual.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    But you have identified your core 20%.

    I do not think their goal is money - it is how to influence, control and exploit people who are either incapable of seeing through their tactics or too scardy cat to say boo to a goose. Let alone boo to an elder.

    You know the sort that if you put them in a paper facemask they could not fight their way out. Sorry... I meant paper bag.

  • Rafe

    O boy , let the face to face brainwashing begin.

    I'm so happy !

    Come on in children we have some spiritual brainwashing for you and after you can give us the money your parents gave you for candy.

    Stop brainwashing children - Album on Imgur

  • redvip2000

    Apparently Jellohoba who evidently created the virus is now not able to stop it. Isn't it amazing that a select group of people that have the protection of the creator of the universe, have no choice but to rely on pesky human prevention guidelines to be safe.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Not that it matters to me one way or the other but I think this is all about "optics". How bad has it made them look to have all the churches open and operating all this time and they still aren't ? What does that say about them having allowed the worlds government virtually stop the all important preaching work without so much as a whimper ? What does it say about their trust in Jehovah to see to it that his work is carried out without fail? Didn't I see a tract that showed an elaborate painting of heavenly angels standing by watching a group of JW's go from door to door?

    Many churches in our area either defied the Covid rules altogether or went to great lengths to make sure they could still meet safely. Some even set up huge marquees in their parking lot so they could have open air services. Some even had services that you cold drive up and listen from your car. The Mormons have been coming around for at least a year now. They knock and just stand back from the door and keep a social distance. Why couldn't the outdoor literature carts have been operating safely with the same Covid restrictions being used in similar settings these last 6 months?

    I have a feeling that between stopping the preaching work and them begging for money for a movie studio, there's been a bit of backlash from a good number of people who are beginning to notice the mixed messages and are seeing the irony of it all .

  • truth_b_known

    The state of Texas passed a law prohibiting the closure of religious buildings and services due to events such as COVID-19. The Watchtower cannot site being cooperative with secular authorities as the reason for cancelling in person meetings, assemblies, and conventions in Texas. So why keep the Kingdom Halls closed in Texas?

    Perhaps it is because the IRS, whom give the Watchtower their tax exempt status in the U.S., is a federal agency?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    In Texas neither the state nor local jurisdictions can close meetings but the individual parish can still make a decision.

    As Terrified as the GB seems to be of germs they must have bubble boys as the leaders

  • Overrated

    I can't wait for the Kingdumb halls to reopen. I have boxes and boxes of metal washers and fake money to fill the donation boxes. I don't want to come to Gee-hober empty handed. Fake product, fake money.

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