Do JWs still leave literature in the door?

by Wild_Thing 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wild_Thing

    I came home to a Watchtower in my door. I thought I had heard a while back that they had stopped putting literature in doors except for tracts whenever they had one of their campaigns. Why am I so special?

  • fulano

    Must be pre-full-color literature.

  • LostGeneration

    You are special because they want you to return to Jah!

    I haven't heard of any ban on leaving old the hell else are they gonna get rid of all those back issues?

  • JWdaughter

    They are probably just cleaning out their closets.

  • Wild_Thing

    LostGeneration6 hours ago

    I just can't believe that they can't even get rid of their Watchtowers even though they are now printed so infrequently ( and not twice a month, like the good ol' days) Wait ... wait ... yes I can.
  • Wild_Thing

    So I just dug it out of the trash and looked. The Watchtower said "Vol.3 2016". I have no idea what this means since they don't put months not there anymore. Does anyone know how recent that is?

  • sir82

    Frankly, there isn't much difference between a Watchtower and a tract these days.

    The Watchtower is 16 pages of photos, bullet points, lists, and 3 inch margins. It has about the same content as a tract from 20 years ago. So why not leave them wherever & whenever?

    The Watchtower said "Vol.3 2016".

    Watchtowers come out in odd months - January, March, May, etc. Awakes come out in even months - February, April, etc.

    So you have the May 2016 Watchtower.

  • blondie

    I figure they are cleaning out their literature at home. They count magazines on their slips, but now tracts too which used to be motive. Many older jws never to switch over to the new spiel for donation to the worldwide work in 1990 so can't even give them away at doors. How often do jws have a real conversation with a non-jw any more?

  • Mr Negative
    Mr Negative

    I recently came home one day to find some crappy leaflet, entitled "Do you want to know the truth?" posted through my door.

  • Wild_Thing

    Mr Negative11 hours ago

    They're very subtle, aren't they! Haha!

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