Can't find "hot" article through the WT Library Search?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I just saw a video from Mike and Kim where (@6:00) she says:

    You know what I noticed in the new Watchtower CD-ROMS? Is when you do a search for certain things that they would deem maybe apostates or certain questions, you can't find them in the search.

    I know that sometimes, they get carried away and are not always factual. Hence, I was wondering if anyone else here has experience this and if they have actual examples.


  • freddo

    I know that if you search for the article on the pinata and the question from readers about why pinatas are ok but not other celebrations you get nothing if you don't put the accent thingummy above the "n" it doesn't show.

    This one ... italics mine.


    Piñatas I read with interest the article “The Piñata—An Ancient Tradition.” (September 22, 2003) It left me with some questions. The ties to false religion are well-documented. But the article seemed to take the position that as long as it doesn’t bother someone’s conscience, it is OK. What about birthdays and holidays such as Christmas?

    S. W., United States

    “Awake!” responds: Christians refrain from any celebrations or customs that continue to involve false religious beliefs or activities that violate Bible principles. For example, the Bible definitely puts birthday celebrations in a bad light. (Genesis 40:20; Matthew 14:6-10) However, if it is very obvious that a custom has no current false religious significance and involves no violation of Bible principles, each Christian must make a personal decision as to whether he will follow such a custom.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Ah,yes, Tilde has always been a tricky one...

  • NikL

    How does Genesis 40:20 put birthdays in a bad light?

    Just because a "bad guy" in the bible had a birthday doesn't preclude it from people who what to do it. Wouldn't Jah be clear on it if he wanted it to be followed?

    I mean, these same "bad guys" defecate. So we should refrain from doing that?

    Apparently not, since that's what they do in print every day ;-)

  • DesirousOfChange

    They have always been selective about what you get on searches. If it's "old lite", it will not show up.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    DesirousOfChange: If it's "old lite", it will not show up.

    Do we have an actual example of this? I mean, something that could be browsed to but will not show up in the search?

  • fastJehu
    I know that if you search for the article on the pinata and the question from readers about why pinatas are ok but not other celebrations you get nothing if you don't put the accent thingummy above the "n" it doesn't show.

    You can search with "pi*atas" or "pi*ata"

  • freddo

    "You can search with "pi*atas" or "pi*ata""

    Oh yeah! Thanks.

  • Magnum

    Very strange coincidence. A few minutes before you posted this, I was thinking exactly about this. There have been times when I've done searches of controversial things that I remember, and the searches don't produce any results.

    This is the latest example: In the last twenty years, probably somewhere around 1998-2002, there was a Watchtower study article referring to the fact that some have been disappointed about the end's not coming when expected and sort of griping about their lot in life as a result of sacrificing for "the truth".

    The part I remember is that it was stated that what such ones did (the sacrifices, etc.) is "what they chose to do", so they should only blame themselves. I remember clearly the conductor's emphasizing that point. I remember being furious because I was thinking "Yeah, they chose to do it... but they made such choices based on info you gave them - info that was wrong. It's sort of like the fact that I might choose to have my right arm cut off based on info a doctor might give me. But, if I found out he was wrong and that I had my arm cut off for nothing, I'd be furious."

    I have searched many times for that article and can't find it. I've used every word and combination of words that I can think of that might help me find it, but so far, no success.

    Of course, it's possible that my memory of the exact words used is a little off, and that's why the searches aren't producing results, but in this case, I think I remember the word "chose" being used, and a search using that word does not find the article.

    I can imagine that they caught a lot of flak for that article and would want to hide it.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    They never include controversial things. Back in the day WTLIB 97 came out, people were hyped about getting access to older literature without amassing a collection of paper. Even though back then the CDROM was not even half-full (180MB if I remember) and the WT was boasting their years of digitation efforts, many JW expected newer versions to contain more digitized versions as newer versions came out. They never went beyond mid-1980's in my language.

    Even later they started removing and changing things, first revisions were made, later versions started missing "replaced" books like "Live Forever" disappeared when "Knowledge" came out. People balked at it but the WT never versioned multiple editions within WTLIB.

    Since the "online" version, they removed even more material, now, for no good reason things don't go back past the early 2000s.

    Here's some proof:

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