The Judge on Trial: Uncovering the Real J F Rutherford [Part 1]

by pomo6780 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • OrphanCrow
    What is clear about all this information? Rutherford only joined the Society because his experience through higher education was essential for protecting the Society and its members.

    Hyperbole and assumption. Inaccurate. You just pulled that one out of thin air.

    Your writing is just noise with no substance.

    The only substance you give this material (incomplete and chaotically presented) are your own personal opinions. And that isn't really substance.

    Nothing of substance, nothing new, and full of inaccuracies because of your hyperbolic intervention into the material.

    Color commentary that just wastes time and muddies up the good information that is out there about Joe and Chuck. Noise, noise and more noise. That is all you have offered with this material. Nothing new, nothing scandalous, nothing that can be labelled as "new".

    Making noise. That is all you are doing.

  • _Morpheus

    OC, dont be so judgmental! Pomo is going to REVEAL THINGS WE NEVER KNEW!!!!!!

  • OrphanCrow
    Morph: OC, dont be so judgmental! Pomo is going to REVEAL THINGS WE NEVER KNEW!!!!!!

    Yeah, I guess I am a little bit harsh, aren't I?

    I think I am just tired of wasting time wading through all the garbage and noise that has been generated about this damn cult. Much of the "new" material that is put out in cyberspace (and/or published in yet another book) is simply noise and "look at me!" attention seeking behavior that acts as a curtain to hide the real truth and real information and real knowledge.

    Just because some nobody has an opinion doesn't mean that their opinion is valuable or even close to being accurate. And it doesn't mean that they should throw it out there to trip up people who are looking for good solid material to read about the history of this organization.

    This kind of writing does far more harm than it does good.

  • sparky1

    Pomo6780........there are literally hundreds and possibly more posts here on the subject of Judge Rutherford. I suggest you read them all to find out if you really have some new light to share about his history and character. If you do have some heretofore unknown revelations about the Judge, I suggest that you get on with it and stop making 'noise' as OrphanCrow has wisely suggested.

  • steve2

    Pomo appears to inhabit a rarefied world where he announces "firsts" declaring they will make JWs uncomfortable. I can report that worldwide, as of this very hour, JWs have heard of Pomo's writing and they are writhing in discomfort.

    There is something about his writing style that causes JWs to read what he writes. The rest of us would-be communicators look on with hearts of heavy envy which brings out the worst in us.

  • pomo6780

    Hello everyone, unlike the Watchtower Society, I do not claim to reveal "new light" or something different from what you've heard before. Far from it! I believe what has already been posted by others is far better than my writeup. As an example, ones like Ray Franz and Barbara Anderson and others formerly from the WHQ have written the most insightful information about the Borg no one can top. All you see here is a review of my view of Rutherford, with sprinkles of speculation. Nothing more, nothing less. To presume otherwise would be far from the truth. Your reactions are noble considering I am a "newbie". However, though my viewpoints appear exaggerated, they are so to wake up still ins. Your reactions will confuse them, making them say in cult style "if they don't agree on this, what is there to believe?"

    Although not a Christian, I still view others as more important than I am. Who I am is irrelevant and unimportant, I wish to remain in the shadows or else disappear into oblivion. Best wishes to you.

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