Feb 2016 video on 'Taking time to marry' vs David Splane talk in Malmo, Sweden May 2013

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri


    Jehovah wants to safeguard his servants from the pain that results from making an unwise choice when seeking a marriage mate. Reminders to be patience and choose wisely, like our music video are always for our benefit.

    Song lyrics:

    Everythings fine but I’m wondering,

    Who will I marry.

    What I am doing right now is deciding not to hurry.

    This is a choice that can lead to laughter or sorrow

    And the feeling that starts in a youthful heart can be gone tomorrow.

    Take your time.

    Patience is the key,

    Just wait and see.

    Use your head.

    And think, is this the one for me?

    Possibly. Take your time.

    Just take your time

    And choose wisely.

    I want someone who will care for me and make me feel special.

    But I knew in my heart it could never be successful.

    I want to make sure it’s Jehovahs way

    Let his word guide me.

    And I’m willing to wait to have a mate in the truth beside me.

    Take your time.

    Patience is the key.

    Just wait and see.

    Use your head.

    Just think, though your heart may not agree,

    Is this the one for me?


    If you just take your time,

    If you just take your time.

    And choose wisely.

    David Splane

    May 2, 2013, Malmo, Sweden

    ‘ … Well, parents, of course, have a big responsibility to prepare their young ones. We want our young ones to makes progress in the truth. We study with them since they are very young. And once we have studied with them for 5,6,7 years you would expect some progress from our young ones. If you studied with a bible student for 5,6,7 years you’d expect the student to make progress, wouldn’t you? In some countries we find that young ones 10,11,12 years old are not even unbaptized publishers yet. And then we find that young ones 13,14,15 years old are not even baptized. And yet their parents have studied with them since infancy. Well, it makes us wonder sometimes, is our teaching program really effective….’

    These mixed up and convoluted messages to JW's must drive ' thinking people' [WT language] crazy.


    Thinking people do not remain in cults for long. They exit mentally and emotionally, this is usually followed by a physical exit. The severity of the cult is a factor in how soon they exit, as well as individual circumstances.


  • smiddy

    Maybe J.W.parents are finally realizing that if their"" young"" child gets baptized and then do what all teenage children do , make mistakes, then they could be D.F. and shunned by all in the congregation ,and bring reproachment on the parent.


    "Well it makes us wonder sometimes , is our teaching program really effective"

    end of quote

    CLASSIC statement by the org. showing up their own failed teaching methods .

    I know he is trying to put the blame on the parents , however the parents are using the teaching methods of the organization , so the organizations teaching program is the one that is ineffective.


  • WTWizard

    "Take your time. Patience is the key."

    Try telling that to the hounders that want 6 year old children baptized into something that goes against nature. No more play time. No more getting to sleep adequately, especially on Thursday nights (popular nights for tests, to boot). No more playing with articles that barely promote anything "wrong" and then only if taken that way. No more vacations aside from washtowel headquarters. No more ice cream cones. No more pet rats--the instant you get attached to it, you have to move to "where the need is greater" and abandon the pet. And who knows what they are going to command Sophia and Caleb to ditch in 2016.

    Even in the LIE-ble, Jesus (the archetype of the perfect slave) waited until age 30 to get baptized. Aren't the jokehovians supposed to be following Jesus, slave archetype and all? If so, then why are they getting baptized before age 30? And not at age 28 or 29 either--that is about like allowing a 4 year old to drink and a 3 year old to drive a full-size car.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Such hypocrisy surrounds 'waiting to marry' and getting 'baptized young'. Getting baptized has serious ramifications, a billion year contract of sorts.

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