A list of top You tubers out there worth visiting, please add yours.

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    I see there is another pointless feud brewing up again and surprise surprise the evangelical Christian side of exjw (number 2 on the list from the first page) activism is leading more attacks against another jw activist who just goes about his usual daily life generally minding his own business, the level of the attacks are nothing short of shameful again, more proof to steer away from these loons.
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    I was glued to the computer awaiting next installments from AnonDude2 s's JC during his trial about 3 years ago. it was outstanding. The mind of that teen was so much higher in knowladge, wit etc of those elders, it was unreal! , D*mn he is quick with his spot-on responses. I kept forgetting he was younger than my son at the time.

    There are a lot of installments, I forgot how many , over 10 I believe, and he does a recap after each installment.

    I sat in a hospital during that time while my dad was in ICU and spend a lot of time being mesmerized by his videos. It was the first time i had seen this type video.

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    JT had to leave because of the change to 1914 generation

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    Island Man

    Vicious Fiction 101 - One of the most powerful and articulate defenses at a Judicial committee anywhere on youtube:



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    Has anyone visited YT channels Bridget in AZ and Jehovah's Witnesses Testimonies? They offer a lot of great information. More to add to the list.

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    A list of top You tubers out there worth visiting - if you're interested in movies and movie reviews, I recommend the following:

    Collative Learning (Rob Ager)

    Decker Shado

    Off The Shelf Reviews

    We Watched A Movie reviews

    Rob Ager does some great in-depth film analysis plus he also does analysis of social/political issues. His videos analysing the Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman interview are superb.

    The other three recommendations are more light-hearted but just as entertaining.

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    Exjw ex Bethelites fifth.

    Not sure exactly if His yt account name.

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