Implications of gender and racial imbalance in JW population.

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  • doubtfull1799

    This was inspired by a recent post by Nike and the comments that followed re gender balance in the org.

    If JW's accept the concept that the GB continue to push - that people only become believers if they are "rightly disposed" and are thereby "drawn by God."

    Then given the huge gender imbalance and also the huge differences in percentages of JW in some lands vss others only two things can possible follow from that:

    1. Women are much more likely to have the right heart attitude than men. (meaning men are more imperfect or there is some design flaw in the male psyche when it comes to spirituality?) And certain races are more likely to have the right heart attitude than others. For example white anglo-saxons in Western countries (where the ratio of JW to population is 1:300) vss Asians (where in Bangladesh for example the ratio is 1:1,000,000 or,

    2. Genders/races are equally likely to have a good heart but GOD is simply gender biased and racist and selects more of some groups than others.

    P.S. It would be interesting to take that further and find out what the gender and racial balance of the "anointed" is! I suspect that the anointed remnant of this century have been predominantly anglo saxon males???

  • smiddy3

    However if GOD doesn`t exist then it could come down to emotion/feelings and or a standard of educational level,don`t you think ?

  • Saethydd
    Yeah, I could never really reconcile the whole “god draws those with the right heart condition” to anything that made logical sense.
  • WTWizard

    It takes a low IQ to become a jokehovian and stay one, especially these days when the doctrine makes little sense. Anywhere joke-hova sees a weakness, that thing will exploit it regardless of whether it is a racial, cultural, sexual, or whatever other weakness common to a demographic or if it is the individual. That thing will exploit it so it can use that soul to enslave the whole world. And it will tailor its tactics to the person involved.

    If you were to try the same thing, you would be labelled racist, sexist, or some other term that implies that you are bigoted. Joke-hova imposes political correctness on us, yet that abomination does not abide by it itself. All it is interested in is destroying the best among us so it can enslave everyone else.

  • ttdtt

    doubtful1799 - maybe it has more to do with countries that are not CHRISTIAN have a harder time converting to Christianity in general.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, great thread!

    I can remember saying to my father once that Jehovah may not be impartial, as he clearly is drawing more people from certain sections of the world, but almost ignoring whole swathes of the population!

    He just couldn't see what I was saying!

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