2019-11-25-BOE--Watchtower Wants More Money!

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  • Atlantis


    Donations in Support of Kingdom Interests Worldwide

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  • HiddenPimo

    Thank you!

    "As economic conditions continue to deteriorate"

    Well I cannot speak for the UK but here in the USA (Southeast) Jobs are plentiful for those that can work and are willing to. Also if you have an education beyond High School, the high paying jobs are there for the taking.

    Perhaps this phrase in the letter is based on within the org, where the majority are uneducated, and are hamstrung by the theocratic schedule that prevents overtime and unfavorable work schedules?

    Why no mention of the Satanic Attacks on God's people thru lost lawsuits costing millions? Why no mention of the millions taken in in the USA with never ending contributions to pay for the Kingdom Halls that publishers once owned...

    So sad...

  • Atlantis


    I noticed that they sent this letter out just before Christmas.

    I think the Watchtower knows that JW's are in a giving mood during this time of the year. Why?

    Because they know JW's are sending out gifts just before Christmas so that they won't feel guilty about celebrating Christmas on the exact day.

    JW's even send out birthday gifts just before or after the exact birth date, so that they will not feel guilty of celebrating the birthday.

    It's just their way of celebrating without getting caught.


  • fulano

    In these countries, I don’t in the USA a lot of employees receive a “thirteenth month”. An extra month salary.

  • sir82

    Also, in the USA most charities send out requests for donations at this time of the year.

    Obviously, in virtually no sense of the word is Watchtower a "charity", but they are considered as such for tax purposes.

    The Watchtower always makes a pitch for donations in November, just before the end of the year, trying to snare donations from the handful of wealthy JWs around who want to increase their charitable giving before the end of the year so as to get a tax break.

    Most JWs of course live paycheck to paycheck and certainly don't itemize their deductions, but what few "big time" donors there are, are mostly living in the USA. So every year they send out the reminder "give us money so you can have a slightly smaller tax bill" directed primarily at that elite group.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "Your contributions have provided resources to the Governing Body that have been used to assist brothers and sisters affected by other severe situations, such as famine or widespread disease.” (and multi-million dollar paedophile lawsuits!)

    Thanks Petra - much appreciated what you & yours do for us.

  • smiddy3

    “Jehovah Loves a Cheerful Giver.”

    “Jehovah Loves a Cheerful Giver.”" Jehovah loves a cheerful giver "So why doesn`t he give ? God is the creator of the universe no ? Also the creator of Gold and Silver ? Why not direct the G.B. to where these riches are buried so they can finance all of their projects ?No,that`s too simple the GB need to fleece the flock , make them earn their place in paradise ,or heaven.
  • punkofnice
    Watchtower Wants More Money!

    There's a thing.

    Yes. I heard that the last meeting was the corporation on the ear 'ole again.

    I wonder why the great Jehovah(tm), ruler of the universe, magic man in the sky, can't just magic them up all they need?

    Anyone would think Jehovah(tm) doesn't exist.

  • menrov
    The economic landscape continues to deteriorate for most, and we know this results in additional pressure as you work to
    provide for your basic needs.Nevertheless, we see evidence that this does not hinder your efforts to ‘abound in kind giving.’

    So, for most, current times mean additional pressure just to provide basic needs. But....do not see this as a hinder to abound in kind giving. In other words, we do not care that you suffer under more pressure. We will not help you but you must help us......

  • DesirousOfChange

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