Are Worshipers of God following God`s will or mans this 21st Century

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  • smiddy

    According to the Bible humans have lived on this earth about 6000 years according to J.W,`s interpretation.

    In the last couple of Centuries , and in particular this last Century , Knowledge and wisdom has abounded in many domains

    So in one sense humans have grown from being a child to an adult ,We , as a species have come of age .We have put men on the moon ,12 so far ,, over six missions , we have sent probes into outer space , voyagers i and 2 , sent in the 1970`s , that have now gone outside our Galaxy , further than 100 times the distance from Earth to the sun and it is still sending back signals to earth.Yet Jehovah was concerned that men were building a tower thousands of years ago that would be dwarfed by the size of buildings that have gone up these past Centuries,?

    So my question is : Why hasn`t the Almighty God progressed at the same rate as his creations ? , He is still asking us to put faith in and believe in uneducated humans by our standards today , of 2000-4000 years ago , who do not have the advantage of the knowledge we have today.

    Human beings nowadays have the ability to communicate with one another anywhere in the world via skype and talk one on one instantainiuosly ,as well as computers , radio , video, or whatever.?

    So what is wrong with GOD / Human communication today ? He was still talking face to face with Satin thousands of years after he deceived Eve , the one who was responsible for mankinds fall in the first place. according to the book of Job.Yet he can`t talk to humans one on one ?

    The best he can do is use imperfect men without 20th / 21st Century Knowledge and use imperfect unenlightened humans of 2000 years ago .? with language`s that are ancient , open to ambiguities , interpretations and to this day , resulting in over 40 ,000 different Christian religions .Because imperfect humans cannot decide what Gods will is anyway. , and we only have imperfect humans that say they are the chosen ones doing Gods will .

    And the Almighty Jehovah God remains silent ?

    Should that inspire confidence in an Almighty God ?


  • punkofnice

    God has made man in his own image.

    Gods never appear to us. That's either because god is indifferent or non existant.

    When I was a JW there was the thing about not knowing when Adam was created and how long he lived before the talking snake incident. The WBT$ seemed to veer away a bit from the 6k year thing to the 'we don't know' thing.

    All rather bizzare but that's where the money is.

    Religion and god is a least that's my view.

  • Diogenesister

    For years I thought the following was the raving of paranoid left wing conspiracy theorists, but now after thorough research I know the witnesses are right

    Religon is nothing but a snare & racket

    It is a way to control the masses

    All ancient jumbled human mythology

    It IS time for us to grow up & live superstition free lives , the fourth age?

    How I yearn to see it! I have educated my kids to think for themselves - maybe they will be the real golden generation who will see mankind mature & throw off the shakles of superstitious thought

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