Why would Satan give a rats ass about jehovahs witnesses?

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  • nowwhat?

    We know the answer but for the sake of discussion. So Satan is the ruler of the world and he is hellbent on destroying gods people, why? Satan controls 99.9 % of the world except for one little obscure religious group that no one pays any attention to. So why would a highly intelligent spirit creature waste any time or energy worrying about 1tenth of 1 percent of the human population? He had already won centuries ago.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Because they keep bloody well saying the word "Jehovah" and giving his demon lads the fright of thier lifes!

  • Finkelstein

    Because since JWS are his false prophets involved and participating in his wicked system of things, this organization is guided and controlled by him.

    In addition of them using Jehovah which is also a false name for God.

  • john.prestor

    Within their worldview I guess that's just what Satan does, you know? That's who he is, he's just a really evil guy who wants to do evil things. No, it doesn't make sense, anymore than the Baptist, Catholic, Islamic, whatever Satan make sense either.

  • stumbledbyothers

    Satan only wants JW because we are told that. Making JW believe that they are the only ones put under trial by Satan.

    I (PIMO) asked my wife (pioneer) one day, if we are the only ones "in the world" being persecuted by Satan, what explains this, who are these non-JW's people being persecuted by https://www.persecution.com/about/?? Talking about "deer-n-the-head-lights" look kodiak moment! She simply walked away saying you are always negative.

  • Finkelstein

    .........because he uses the JWS as his loyal subjects for his lying false Prophet publishing house .

  • atomant

    Because satan is the boogy man and has to live up to the delusional expectations of the dubs.

  • Phizzy

    If the claim made by the J.W Org that what they teach is " The Truth" is correct then it would make sense that Satan would go after them. He is the " Father of the Lie", and lies whither before truth.

    Of course, the JW Org nonsense is all error and lies, and Satan does not exist.

    But, go along with the J.W thinking on this for a moment. It goes like this : " Satan has nearly all the World in his hand, we must preach to bring in the few Sheeplike ones to the fold, when we have them all, then he will really turn on us and Armageddon will start".

    This presumes that Satan is holding back against the only Guardians of truth for some reason, which is not logical,why not squash them now ? or is he saying to himself " I'll see who goes over to their side, then squash them" ??

    As with all J.W thinking it is based on no logic or reason whatsoever, and based upon the writings of one " John" who wrote The Revelation , which was a Tract for his time, 1st-2nd Century, not later.

  • blondie

    I had to laugh when I saw this OP. My husband quietly ranted about this yesterday. I'm going to share this with him so he sees he is not alone in this thinking. (except for me, I agree with him)

  • tiki

    Evidently!! Grandiose delusions....among other craziness.....

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