Nursing exam question on JW blood beliefs

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  • SAHS

    “OrphanCrow”: Yet, in the face of all that, the world now has to deal with the establishment of Blood Management (or PBM, depending on context). A medical discipline (endorsed by WHO as the "golden standard of care") that unabashedly claims "Holy Scripture" as the ethical basis for their approach.

    But, as I would still logically surmise, when push comes to shove, then the fundamental precepts of “natural [common sense] law” would have to take charge.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am all in favour of making allowances for others’ religio-cultural traditions. But, at the same time, I also recognize that there has to be some basic “law and order” among society as a whole to curtail destructive the arbitrary imposition of counterproductive and harmful religious dogma.

    There must necessarily be some reasonable and logical limits to the application of serious religious practices. . . . I mean, . . . . Stoning, anyone?

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