Gods Kingdom rules book, what did they leave out?

by Crazyguy 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Crazyguy

    Haven't read this book but I guess it the watered down version of thier history. What did the leave out and lie about in this publication??

  • nowwhat?

    Joseph goebbels and Bagdad Bob would be proud of this piece of work! Lets start with the failure to mention Russell's pyamidtology. Rutherfords famous millions now living will never die. The 1925 prediction of the ancient worthies being resurrected. Beth sarim. Sheesh!

  • ttdtt

    mmm how about 95% of everything, and 99% of unfavorable stuff.

  • Saethydd

    The Reluctant Apostate by Floyd Evans would be a good place to start for all the stuff they left out.

  • waton

    The reason why the reigning king selected WT as the faithful slave in 1919, the brilliant " Millions now living will never die" booklet and campaign, page 426 in "proclaimers book" absent in KR.

    Michelin gives 5 star ratings,for quality of food served, look at the wt quality of spiritual food at the crucial time of testing. Millions will never die (but only as a group). bon appetit.

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