"Mother" Teresa—a Fraud?

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  • Finkelstein
    All of the above was caused by Teresa’s delusional ideology that poverty and suffering were a blessing from God.

    This was the behind the scene circumstances of how MT exploited people's pain and suffering to cash in and use toward creating hospice facilities where people where then given poor medical care, yet huge amounts of cash were directed to the church, using these people's venerability to convert them to Catholicism.

    In other words exploited human pain and suffering to build and strengthen her own religious beliefs and that of the church itself, while drawing in money, money that wasn't used for in practice modern medical care.

    Christopher Hitchens was the only witness as far as he knew, called by the Vatican to give evidence against Mother Teresa's beatification and canonization process, because the Vatican had abolished the traditional "devil's advocate" role, which fulfilled a similar purpose. Hitchens has argued that "her intention was not to help people," and he alleged that she lied to donors about the use of their contributions. "It was by talking to her that I discovered, and she assured me, that she wasn't working to alleviate poverty," says Hitchens. "She was working to expand the number of Catholics. She said, 'I'm not a social worker. I don't do it for this reason. I do it for Christ. I do it for the church.'

  • LisaRose

    The idea that Mother Teresa was not the paragon of virtue that people believed her to be is not new to me. She was a marketable product, packaged and promoted like any other product.

  • Crazyguy

    That's really sad, people can be so sick and twisted!

  • Finkelstein

    Religion can cause a sick and twist concept of reality that creates its own pain suffering toward humanity.

  • John_Mann
  • eva luna
    eva luna


    In the Catholic faith your Grandma can baptize you.

  • John_Mann

    But it's not a norm. This can only be made if there's no man available, and can't be institutionalised.

    And baptism it's not the proper sacrament to a dying (adult) person but the unction of the sick that can only be performed by a priest.

    A catholic doing this is just the same as an entire congregation of non annointed JW's partaking the emblems everyday.

  • rebel8

    This is so disturbing.


    Apparently she is being made a saint tomorrow. :(

  • Vidqun

    I remember she was given the Nobel Peace Price for her work. Members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee usually research the prospective recipients quite thoroughly before awarding their prize. Don't know whether one should judge her character posthumously. On the one hand she was an employee of the Catholic Church and subject of the vagaries of the Vatican. On the other hand she was quite eccentric. She might have started her mission being sincere. As she became more prominent, the Catholic bureaucracy would certainly have misused her for propaganda purposes. They would have decided where the donations would go. However, no-one should question her motives for trying to do good and serving the poorest of the poor. I know I would never be able to do that.

  • cofty
    However, no-one should question her motives for trying to do good and serving the poorest of the poor.

    I don't just question her motives I condemn her as an odious old hag, fraudster and sadist.

    She was no friend of the poor, she was the leader of a cult of poverty.

    Read "The Missionary Position" by Christopher Hitchens.

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