Who Starts the Great Tribulation - Jehovah or Satan?

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  • berrygerry

    Who Starts the Great Tribulation - Jehovah or Satan?

  • ctrwtf

    Last I read a VERY long time ago....Jehovah puts it into the mind of the Governments to attack religion.

    So basically, God starts the end of the world. Of course there may be nu-lite.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Who started WW1 according to JWs? Was Satan trying to distract the world from the huge difference the heavenly kingdom was making here on earth. LOL and LOL

  • ttdtt

    You mean in "Fiction World" right?

    If so Revelation clearly says its Jehober putting in their heart to do what they would not do on there own.

    What a loving Dog he is.

  • flipper

    Neither . It never happens. It's a fictitious , imaginary battle created by many religions to control people through fear and guilt

  • atomant

    Yep l was taught that god would plant,put into the minds of leaders to attack religion and gods people would be saved.So in other words without gods intervention what might happen? The witnesses are saying that god is manipulating mankind.How does that work?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree with you Mr Flipper person; its a load of nonsense.

    The Watchtower picture of reality is so far removed from truth... yet for JWs it is compulsory to keep these false boundaries and stupid predictions in mind. It is a time wasting distraction from getting on with a real worthwhile and enjoyable life.

    It is interesting to see how far a person has come away from the cult by ignoring the Bible's fairy tales. This is not to make adverse comment on those who do, because when we are waking up, it's necessary to put what the Bible says in context with TTATT.

    But its a great freedom to realize there is no such thing as Armageddon or "the great tribulation."

  • berrygerry

    So, the basic premise remains unchanged: God starts the GT by destroying religion.


    How will the great tribulation begin? The book of Revelation answers by describing the destruction of “Babylon the Great.” (Rev. 17:5-7) How appropriate that all false religion is likened to a prostitute! ... But who will destroy the harlotlike organization? Jehovah God will put “his thought” into the hearts of “the ten horns” of the “scarlet-colored wild beast.” These horns represent all the present political powers that give support to the United Nations

    If this is to parallel 66 - 70 CE, then God brought that tribulation, and will bring the GT.

    What purpose would these serve, as "the door" of salvation has been shut? Would this not mean that the suffering during these tribulations was (will be) intentionally inflicted by God?

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Just a fun thought but read the bible maybe Jehover is Satan.

  • berrygerry
    Just a fun thought but reading the bible maybe Jehover is Satan.

    Yup. Personality disorder.

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