Musicians Who Died in the Last Year - or Through the Years- Who Do you Miss Most ?

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  • LV101

    In the last year - Paul Kantner, co-founder of Jefferson/Jefferson Airplane/Starship, in the group before Grace Slick. I love this San Francisco group. I think they were one of the first true rock bands.

  • LV101

    oops -- I must have accidentally deleted something -- Signe Anderson, the first female vocalist in the group (before Grace Slick) also died 2016.

  • Londo111
  • jws

    I think my list is much the same as flippers.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan hit me hard. From the first time I heard him on the radio, the music touched me in a way other music never really had. Oh there were catchy tunes, bands I learned to love, etc. But his guitar just moved me. That's not like me. SRV's music was different.

    Add to that that I was there at his last concert in Alpine Valley outside of East Troy, Wisconsin. A place I sometimes worked during the summers. The encore was awesome with like a 20 minute version of Sweet Home Chicago featuring Stevie, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, and his brother Jimmie Vaughan. SRV had changed into an all white outfit.

  • HBH

    Doc Watson


    PS I met Stevie in 84 after a great show, he was pretty hammered though.

  • millie210

    flipper mentioned Janis Joplin. I think she would have soared to amazing heights.

    Gone to soon unfortunately.

  • LV101

    Ahh, LOVED Janis Joplin my fav! I saw her live in San Francisco late 60's.

    Very sad so young.

  • jws

    Where's the rest of my comments? Looked like it chopped a bit. Wanted to say that on the exact 25th anniversary of seeing SRV's last concert, I led my running group to his grave site south of Dallas where we had beers and toasted him. I played a bootleg copy of that final encore 25 years earlier that night - the last song he ever played.

    Not that anybody should die, but I wish it wasn't him. His career was on the uptick. He had the drugs and booze under control. What awesome music was to come?

  • Pants of Righteousness
    Pants of Righteousness

    A couple that haven't been mentioned:

    Nick Drake - he released 3 albums in late 60's - early 70's that failed to achieve commercial success. Died aged 26 with there being no footage of him performing. The albums are now considered classics.

    Ian Curtis - died aged 23 on eve of Joy Division's first American tour.

  • hoser

    Scotty Moore died a couple of days ago. He was Elvis' first lead guitar player. Guys like him started this whole rock and roll business in the 50's

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