Worse than the maggots apparently...

by NoviceLocs14 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • UnshackleTheChains

    My own mother said I was sounding more and more apostate in my views.


    Because I mentioned to her that the scriptures appear to indicate that Jesus is coming back to the earth to rule as King and quoted scriptures such as Matt 24:30, 36-39.

  • zeb

    In early '90s I attended a kh and a talk stated that Jesus might return physically. I thought where did this leave the much quoted "parousia' that they drummed into us.

    and prior to this another 'warning' talk was given that not all in the kh were proper company. ? I gather this was aimed at myself because I would give wt answers in my own words and experiences not just parroting back the 'party-line'.

  • HereIgo


    Yeah, apparently this is a common thing. My cousin was DF years ago, also for obvious JW reasons. Her mother told her not to associate with my worldly sister because she was bad association lmao. Ridiculous.

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