stake tumbling through, sign from heaven?

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  • waton

    2017 the new 1914? Image result for oumuamua images

    wt ransom symbol spotted. oumuamua seen in news videos. Image from google images.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    This was was more impressive.

  • waton
    This was was more impressive. tgnd

    Indeed, I still cant believe it, if it would be in the golden ratio, more astounding, by cosmic standards still. but

    wt is looking for a sign from heaven, and antarctic sea level does not fit the bill, coming in at right angle to the ecliptic does.

    I was referring to Jesus' prophecy that " they will see the" sign of the "son of man" in heaven, widely believed to be the cross, but by wt to be not the cross, but a stake. and this news is not fake.

  • smiddy3

    I just glanced at the word sign in the" Bible Words Indexed" at the end of the 1984 NWT of the Bible with 20 entries half of which seem to contradict the other half.

    I`m sure their are plenty more in the Bible that do the same.

    On the one hand its a wicked and adulteress generation that keeps looking for a sign and on the other hand the Bible provides signs so the believers can be assured of their faith.?

    As for this asteroid are you sure its not a phallic symbol ? Or even a middle upright finger ?

  • waton
    As for this asteroid are you sure its not a phallic symbol ? Or even a middle upright finger s3:

    All the images of oumuamua are artist conceptions, but the dimensions fit. As a messenger from another world, from another star, from a wt standpoint a stake would fit as the sign of the the messiah. (Son of Man). mark the year, 2017. ha ha.

    Harvard scientists published, that it is feasible to be a probe deliberately passing through the habitable zone of our solar neighbourhood.

    Middle finger?-- fiction. phallic?-- phantasizing. imho.

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