Good news to report: Congregations merged because lack of attendance, publishers & field service

by Khaleesi 36 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Khaleesi

    So it's official, I am happy to report that we merged with another congregation having the same problem. Why is it good news??? Because people are either waking up, fading or just not buying into this Organization any longer or walking away.... I think many young ones are just not buying into it as much, I see many in the congregation I go to very depressed and some I know personally going thru major depression especially the young "sisters" in their early 20s....

    Why is this significant, because it is a Spanish congregation in a high metropolitan area where it is almost the primary language other than English... many years we were hearing the significant growth in the "Spanish" language congregations and many had to be split in two congregations because of the high attendance and publishers in them. I come from one where it was split and formed 2 separate congregations. I also can attest that many english congregations had to move out some KH's because the Spanish was outnumbering the English congregations.... I know of another 2 congregations that had to merge this year too with the same problem....

    I want to know if any other people on this forum has heard something similar or experience anything like this.....

  • ToesUp
    That is great news!!! I hope we here more and more of the halls merging and especially hearing they are closing down all together.
  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    What area of the globe is this happening at
  • joe134cd
    That's fantastic newsâ˜ș
  • Khaleesi
    This happened in the Western region of USA!!
  • LV101

    Awesome - thanks for the good news! Let's hope this is a common occurrence and proceeding at phenomenal rates.

  • steve2

    Last year's increase in average number of publishers worldwide over 2014 was the smallest in literally decades. In fact, I can remember no year that has shown smaller increase overall.

    It is conceivable that specified regions would have reported even smaller or nil growth and/or decline in publishers.

  • Crazyguy
    I think the year 2014 was big and many are now just walking away. The things that the GB have said has been very telling. The numbers of those leaving has to be just going up and up.
  • Darryl
    Of course the "society" will spin in it in a way that will continue to keep the rank and file under their control. It's the "sifting" being done before our very eyes. What a joy to be serving in this exciting time yada yada, must stay vigilant yada yada, proof that the end is closer than we realize yada yada
  • nicolaou

    I heard from my Pioneer sister last week that a well established foreign language congregation in Northamptonshire had been merged with a local English speaking cong'.

    It had focused on the Punjabi and Urdu speaking community and the brothers who'd become proficient would be sent into a territory of about a 25 mile radius.

    The foreign waters are also receding . .

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