Volunteer workers pushed to renounce to their social rights

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  • sp74bb

    Their system to fire off Bethelites continue in force but in a more systemised and "arranged" way.

    When they are informed about their exit, they are asked to sign a declaration as they are request Bethel to leave, leaving them in fact with no grounds for a judicial claim.

    Together with this, they receive their "exit package". We might think it might be a compensation payment. At all...

    Their "exit package" consist of a list of different social benefits available for them and a phone number of a agency. This agency made up by JW takes care to request all the available social benefits in behalf of them.

    Many are accepting this "arrangement" as a loving care from Jah, when the fact is that they are get laid off almost at no cost.

  • JWdaughter

    That sounds like such a dishonest scheming way to do things. It seems coercive and if it isn't a crime, perhaps the govt should make it one. That is slavery. I don't approve. The WT is really jumping the shark with this kind of nonsense. No wonder Russia is done with them. And so they SHOULD be. Damn, that's just cold-blooded.

  • sp74bb

    JWdaugther, many Bethelites asked for legal help to some friends, among them some apostates...

    The government is ready to help them, but they need at least to have one complaint filed. After more than 2 week, NO Bethelite was ready to do it !

  • Mephis

    That's really sad that they've all felt obliged to just suck up whatever the GB told them. Not surprising, but very sad all the same.

  • notsurewheretogo

    More and more exposure to things like this can only help those on the fence wake up...the society are fighting a losing battle and they know it...

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