Watchtower's 49 Date Failures Mostly Ditched Without Fanfare

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Watchtower's apparent obsession with calendar dates is legendary. What follow's are snippets from the main article. Link will follow.

    To read main article, please click here.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Google ' end world predictions' and you will get a long list full of crack pots and charlatans that have tried to predict the date the world will end.

    Notable names like Jim Jones and Charles Manson are listed along with less well known people.

    One woman, living in the 1800's owned a chicken that laid eggs with the words ' christ is coming' written on them. It turned out the woman was etching the words onto an egg the chicken had already laid and re-inserted the egg into the chicken before inviting her friends over to witness the miracle of the fortune telling chicken.

    Usually though, once a person has been caught out, or their predictions don't come true, they stop making predictions because the world knows they are a fraud.

    Except for one group that appears not once but FIVE times on the list, over a 100 yr period. Anyone want to take a wild guess which group it is??? 🤔

    Yep, just like the magic chicken, the wts keep re-inserting the same egg and try to amaze the next generation with an end world prediction. Sometimes they add words to the egg like 'overlapping', or 'evidently' but it's still the same egg.

  • Atlantis

    FatFreek 2005

    Many thanks my friend!


  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hadn't heard about that magic chicken, Joey. Thanks for sharing.

    And, for that group FIVE times on the list -- perhaps with the internet, it will get less and less. Perhaps forums like this will slowly fade, and I have a feeling it wouldn't hurt Simon's feelings even a little bit.

    As for Atlantis, perhaps we could share a frothy one some day. Oh, I'm glad to see (other post) that you're getting more recognition, which you deserve.

    For those who don't know, Atlantis is one of this forum's treasures with his continuous stream of leaked publications and the generosity of his time.

  • LV101

    WOW - that's quite a track record of failed predictions. Hope it's not 49andHolding and they carry on with the delusions/publishing of more crazy for entertainment.

  • baldeagle

    Great work FatFreek 2005, much appreciated.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A really good list FF. Jesus got it wrong in the first century and Jehovah's Witnesses imagining that the Bible is prophetic, always get it wrong, There is no such thing as "God's kingdom" its just a marketing ploy for Christian religions.

  • jonahstourguide

    Thank you FatFreek 2005.

    All perfectly presented and fit for purpose. I'm currently preparing this for some wavering pimi's.

    Really cool, cheers


  • Confusedandangry

    Thank you so much for this document. I'm also preparing for a conversation with an old friend who is disfellowshipped, but is having doubts about returning.

  • carla


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