Memorial wt study, re tro view.

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  • waton

    for those still involved in the April 15 event, under the full evening moon.

    "do this in memory of me " right, and follow the instructions.

    3) "small number cherish a heavenly hope" but at the last supper, all still had an earthly hope, even jesus spoke in earthly terms about the future.

    4) "spoke to them about 2 covenants, the new covenant and the Kingdom covenant" a new one to me, note the missing capitalization for the NEW Covenant, the one for all, for forgiveness of sins, The blood covenant, the wine symbolism, but implied [wrongly ] meaning of the Kingdom rule promises.

    The kingdom covenant is not the one meant by "the blood of the covenant"

    6) WT march 1938: "it will be right for the others to be present at such meeting".-- of course , since the last supper, there were always those that had an everlasting life hope, without wt graciously giving permission.

    7) key text missing is : John 6: "Unless you drink of my blood and eat my flesh you will not have everlasting life"

    Jesus at the last supper: "eat and drink, all of you"

    11) Math 25, wt twisting Jesus' encouragement to do humanitarian work into "primarily supporting -- the "anointed's" preaching, [wt] disciple making work"

    12) "global campaign to invite --- to the memorial" how is that doing this in memory? when he kept attendance to a minimum, dismissing unworthy Judas, when he had 500 brothers ready for later assembly? thousands that would come again for a free meal?

    14) "the gift of the ransom" as also taught by all the churches. symbolized by their cross.

    15) the real meaning is by hidden wt articles is: : by way of partaking, right to everlasting life is gained. The anointed among the partakers, renounce, sacrifice that right to aspire to the higher calling. -- as did Jesus.

    16 ) "we want to obey Jesus" well wt, do it then, and follow instructions as per scripture. in summary:

    This article hints at a new slant, bringing in the 2 covenants together, but still ignoring the pattern that The new covenant for forgiveness of sins applies to all [ of the 12 tribes], all Christian congregation members, that

    the "blood of the covenant" is not the blood of the kingdom covenant, all should partake* to get everlasting life.

    thankfully many do, hidden, in private, as did the 12 at the last supper.

  • waton
    re tro view.

    blondie, your p re views were better, but hey, try to figure it out, the gists.

    "why to attend the memorial ?" , to see, witness the basis for judgement for not following instructions, perverting/preventing the life giving procedures.

  • Smiles

    And look at how JW cult leaders exploit Jesus by twisting the occasion into an opportunity to draw allegiance to themselves:

    8. What is another reason why the other sheep attend the Memorial?

    8 Consider another reason why the other sheep attend the Memorial. They want to show their love and support for the anointed.

    12-13. What are some further ways in which the other sheep show their support for Christ’s brothers?

    12 These sheep know that Jesus views what they do for his anointed brothers as if they were doing it for him personally.​—Matt 25:37-40.

  • waton
    twisting the occasion into an opportunity to draw allegiance to themselves:

    yeah, it is like a delayed funeral talk, wt infomercial.

    the doctrinal pretzel contortions will be hard to follow, swallow, for newcomers. Info booth/ carts will solve that.

    hopefully wt will see the "new light" direction and will soon serve wine for all. big attendance boost guaranteed, the rising "Anointed" numbers soaring past 144 000 conundrum solved.

  • ozziepost

    twisting the occasion into an opportunity to draw allegiance to themselves:

    Really, should anyone care what they do?

    We know they’re wrong, they have subverted the gospel to claim authority that simply is invalid.

    With their invalid authority they have abused the flock that they have gathered.

    Have no part of it - it was all a bad dream

  • waton
    Have no part of it - it was all a bad dream

    op": this is provided for all the dreamers, that are still not fully awake. to show by comparing the scriptures to the practises, how wrong wt is. Even by the standards that the talking snake / the remedy/ might just be a story, nothing more.

    wt promising life, via flawed doctrines, when we already have it, living it to the full, thankfully.

  • ozziepost
    to show by comparing the scriptures to the practises,

    The scriptures they hold to are a corruption of the accepted text and their additions in the NWT make it a perversion.

    so many have been manipulated and abused using their spurious dogma.

    The Borg likes to herald “Get out of her, my people” directed at “Christendom” but appropriately it should be addressed to the Borg.

  • Smiles

    ozziepost wrote:

    "Really, should anyone care what they do?"

    Certainly hope ozziepost does not imply going soft on the WT cult...?

    We personally may know WT is a falsehood, but many others remain on-the-fence undecided.

    Everything WT does should be exposed & eviscerated at this forum because, as you may know, many inquiring lurkers visit this forum over the years, so even the most rudimentary exposé here may help a reader loosen the cult shackles somewhere in their life or to help guide another person to healing & freedom.

    "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

  • Gman2001

    I do what Jesus said do..I eat and drink in remembrance of his death, burial and resurrection....

  • waton
    I do what Jesus said to do..I eat and drink in remembrance of his death

    Gm, even the "apostates" around Raymond Franz did, in separate clandestine set ups, just like the apostles

    Hidden pleasures are profound. .

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