My life as a fundamentalist

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    JWs are self-loathing fundamentalists. By that I mean they are fundamentalists who try to put up a front of moderation and pretend that they are reasonable.

    This is clearly seen in their view of the word "Creationist." They scorn the folly of young earth creationists and hide from the reproach and shame of creationism by dishonestly denying that they too are creationists.

    To hide from the fact that they too are creationists who believe the equally foolish idea that humans have only been around for 6000 years, they dishonestly play the word game of redefining the word creationist to refer exclusively to young earth creationists.

    It's a fundamentalist cult that works hard to present a public image of being balanced and reasonable. They even trick themselves into thinking that they are balanced and reasonable! And it's all done by the use of deceitful linguistics and crafty fallacious reasoning. Example:

    "Oh we don't shun members who leave! We just don't associate with them as much because we don't share common interests. They are the ones shunning us! They are the ones who wrote a letter saying they don't want anything to do with us!"

  • Simon

    At least the JWs don't get involved in politics - that's something we can be thankful for at least.

    There are too many unthinking zealots who do influence politics though.

  • LisaRose

    I think you should be proud of yourself. Instead of continuing to live in ignorance you had the courage to examine your beliefs and adjust your thinking when you realized you were wrong. This puts you in the minority of mankind, in my opinion. So many people pick a position and then defend it no matter what facts are available. It's not just the JWs or fundamentalists, it's people on both sides of the political spectrum. So much of the current gridlock in politics is because people cannot look / at the facts without prejudice, they just keep insisting they are right and anyone who believes different is an idiot.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Good post. It took me awhile after I left to realize that JWs actually are fundamentalists.

    They also deny having a political opinion, but I think they actually do because I have heard everything but "I endorse candidate XYZ."

    Amazing powers of self-delusion.

  • Spiral

    It took me awhile as well to realize JWs are fundamentalists. Actually, it was when everything went online I really realized (if you look at those horrible videos) just what a fundamentalist church they are.

    So much so, I have decided that if (really, when) one of my still-in friends asks me why I am no longer active, I have decided to say "I never wanted to be a fundamentalist". We'll see what happens.

  • JW_Rogue
    Island Man, hit the nail on the head. JWs are as fundamentalist as they come but will deny it to the bitter end. JWs do not want to be lumped in with creationist, anti-abortionist, and Jesus freaks. The reality though is that they have a lot in common with those groups. JWs try to present their doctrines as logical and faith in the bible as something that has evidence to back it up. Their evidence is actually quite weak and falls apart when deeper questions are asked. However, there are some people who are already predisposed to believe in the bible and those are the ones they latch onto.
  • Vidiot

    Realizing that JWs and the WTS were, in fact, fundies (whilst decrying fundies in their literature - yes, they've done it... pot? kettle?? black???) was one of many small but significant things that helped me wake up.

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