info needed on Mexico Scandal regarding KH's meetings with no prayers etc - Thanks.

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    Trying to find info on the scandal involving Mexican congregations not having prayers and singing at the meetings.

    I have found some info on JW facts but would like more if anyone knows of a good website to look at.

    Watchtower Observer had some info before but that website is long gone.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks WGO.

  • darkspilver

    I posted about this three months here:

    References and PROOF is included in above link.

    TL:DR - This happened in Mexico between 15 June 1943 to 1 April 1989 - no singing of songs, no collective prayers, no bible use in first call door-to-door - stopped being a religious society and became a civil education society instead. KIngdom Halls renamed 'Halls for Cultural Studies'.


    Hi Darkspilver

    Thanks very much thats great, I shall take a good look right now !!

    Its a very interesting subject - thanks.


  • krismalone

    This situation in Mexico from 1943-1989 is another chapter of hypocrisy and deceit of the Governing Body.

    Contrary to popular opinion of the Mexican JW's, they were never banned. They had the right to sing, pray and use the bible publicly with the condition of being registered as a religion. The problem with that was that all religious buildings and property BELONGED TO THE GOVERNMENT. So the Governing Body was willing to sacrifice prayers, singing and using the bible publicly in service in order to keep their property. Even today many Mexican JW's don't quite understand this compromise by the Governing Body. Many believe they were being persecuted by Satan and not allowed to use the bible, sing or pray. So while the world over they were calling themselves a religion and legally registered as such, that was not the case in Mexico. Where is the so called unity they boast about?!

    Another issue that becomes manifest is the willingness of the Governing Body to lie to the governments. They were registered as a cultural society or just a group of people studying secular culture but NOT A RELIGION. This shows that they are more than willing to be deceitful hypocrites and scammers to get their way. The naive, brainwashed members just go along with the lies and deceit without blinking an eye.

    Meanwhile they use fear, guilt and obligation to get their members to be courageous and suffer for the truth even though they themselves don't don't do it. If an individual member stops preaching or going to the meetings to support his family financially he is called materialistic and weak spiritually. Every normal JW rank and file member is pressured to seek first the Watchtower'$ interest and make sacrifices even financially and be willing to give up your assets for the "truth", but when it comes to the Governing way in hell will they do that. And BTW, don't anyone be talking about this issue or WT will DF you and take your family and friends away. Oh another point, don't call us a cult!!

  • Crazyguy

    This just goes to show that behind their spiritual face their evil or at least their handlers are. It would seem according things written by guys like Ray Franz that the spiritual leader didn't have much of a clue when it came to money decisions. So while thier off believing and leading the congregations the puppet masters are really pulling the string for other reasons.

    Another case in point the purchase of the Towers hotel in Brooklyn New York January of 1975. A building that needed lots of renovations before it could be used yet the end of the world was coming in just a few months. Could not the money have been better used to advertise advertise advertise the coming Kingdom of God!??

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! I thought I knew all about that...but I have learned something new!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • just fine
    just fine
    I had no idea.......
  • careful

    Thanks, darkspilver for the link. Something I'd like to know is why the GB did the sudden change. Did the Mexican government change their policy? Did Ray Franz's exposé play any role?


    Thanks guys for all this interesting information, I think its very important as ammunition to help others wake up.

    Cheers WGO

  • krismalone

    Yes, the Mexican law changed and now allowed religions to own property. By coincidence new light guided the Governing Body to change their registration from cultural society to a religious society and prayers, singing and public use of the bible was in effect.

    What's really upsetting is how the rank and file don't understand that it was the Governing Body who decided to sacrifice their worship of god to protect their property.

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