Exposing the Core Premise of JW False Teaching

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Dweather; "the Bible says that the word of God would be preserved". Such a statement is characteristic with the craft of the scribe who is compelled to do the work of his master. Manuscript copies are fundamentally flawed in their ability to clinically transmit the text of the original writer.

    The very reason why so many stories were concocted to plead the fidelity of copyists is because it was impossible to keep texts free from alteration with the human instinct to modify one with personal or sectarian biases.

    One would be naive to imagine that there is an original Bible other than the first compilation of selected texts sacralised by the Roman Catholic bishops in the fourth century. Much of which was then recently syncretized or adapted to conform to the imperial demands for an orthodoxy of belief in the Roman world. This was, after all, the very meaning of catholic, i.e. a universal all encompassing belief system, which later emperors enforced on pain of death.

    "Knowledge is power" but it has always been the powerful who determine what the knowledge should be.

  • Drearyweather
    Manuscript copies are fundamentally flawed in their ability to clinically transmit the text of the original writer.

    i agree. Yes, there are bound to be errors while copying the text from the original. It can be more serious if there is only one copyist doing the work. Since there were numerous scribes doing the job, a comparison of all such thousands of manuscripts helps in creating and reconstructing the original text.

    Were the copyists of that time qualified and accurate with their work? If the ancient people can construct the pyramid and study astronomy without the technological advances that we have today, I believe there were skilled copyists who had an excellent grasp of their field, not just in Bible copying, but replicating other documents too. If not, we wouldn't have any insight into the secular ancient world that we now have thanks to skilled copyists who did their job of reproducing and replicating documents meticulously and accurately.

  • Vidiot
    "...the core premise of JW false teaching..."

    What, just one?


  • TerryWalstrom

    Dreary weather
    The Jews were called THE PEOPLE of the BOOK.
    The LAW was written by the "finger of God." Immediately afterward, Moses destroyed the very tablets containing the Law of God. Nobody examined the original tablets.
    The Ark of the Covenant supposedly contained those tablets--but those were NOT the originals.
    The (Christian Greek) Scriptures were not the New Testament we have today. No, it was the Septuagint, which legend has it, was translated by 70 Elders separated from each other and ALL their copies matched exactly! Clearly a myth.
    Christianity was first Jewish Messianic word-of-mouth preaching to Jews. "Faith follows the thing heard."
    But, the New Testament is comprised of very strange things.
    At first, the "Bible" consisted of the letters of Paul collated by Marcion, a Christianized tycoon who contributed lots of money to the Church.
    Marcion darned near created a completely different version of Christianity because his GNOSTIC teachings denied that Jehovah was the true God. Instead, the God of the Old Testament was an evil god. According to Marcion, Jesus was the true God.
    The Church (i.e. universal or Catholic) gave Marcion his donations back and disfellowshipped him.
    To compete with Marcion's collated writings, a separate canon was introduced approved by Church itself.
    This is the first logical disproof of their authority because they approved as true and legitimate MORE books than the Protestants accepted and approved.

    Somebody is lying or both or Both are wrong or one is right and the other is wrong.
    In other words--it is all up for grabs, for dispute and unprovable.

    Assertions are made, certainly, but in any Court of Law of the land, if you claim to be the heir to a fortune and produce a photocopy of a will--it isn't going to fly.
    BEST EVIDENCE is the autograph will, written in the hand of the deceased, witnessed and notarized.
    The Jews AND the 1st century Christians and the later Protestants are all claiming to be heirs of the kingdom and they can't produce the autograph documents!!

    If the Catholic Church did NOT preserve the actual Bible containing proper Christian teaching--they are undoubtedly wrong about most everything else.
    This canon of scripture--IF it were wrong--was allowed to go unchallenged for over one thousand years.
    Martin Luther was either right or wrong to remove the "extra" books.
    Protestant Reformation either wrecked the TRUE church or exposed the counterfeit teachings of the false one.

    It isn't a simple matter, is it?
    Without a true, verifiable document, we are betting our lives, fortunes and sacred honor ON THE ASSURANCES of mere mortals with quirky ideas.

    That's my point.


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