Faith to Faithless XJW event London, UK

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  • diamondblue1974

    I know of a similar experience. Growing up in the organisation there was a guy who was like a father figure to me and he was very much in love with the woman next door (also a JW). She was married to a man who was physically and emotionally abusive unfaithful and was an alcoholic. After 20 years she finally left and divorced the husband. She and my friend then after some time, explored the feelings they ultimately had both never acted on previously.

    They were in love and got married so as not to sin (their words). She was in what they would call good conscience because she knew (although could not prove legally) that her husband had been unfaithful and thus was free to marry.

    Her ex-husband, however, refused to openly admit that he had been unfaithful (although he had admitted it to her on several occasions in private). This clearly was to keep control over his now ex-wife but applying the two witness rule with impunity, the elders disfellowshipped both my friend and his now wife and love of his life.

    It took them 5 years to be reinstated - he lost his friends and connections and whilst gladly I always made a point of speaking to them both, he lost everything and even when they returned, things were never the same.This was one of the many reasons why I left the witnesses.

    It's not a shock to hear that this was not the only incident.

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