wt exposer makes jw's flip out in fs

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  • smiddy

    When you put something down in print it doesnt always portray how things actually went down .I give JYD an out of jail card here for that reason.

    I hope he was a lot more calm and reasonable than his post might indicate.

    Then again I could be wrong .

    I agree with sparrowdown JW`s should expect to be challenged and hit with some hard home truths about their religion.

  • sparrowdown

    Heaven forbid a JW actually be offended, oh the horror lol. Let's face it it doesn't take much to offend a jw they come pre-primed for offense.

    I remember JWs bragging about how they sent mormons and people collecting for charity packing for daring to come to their door! Oh the crazy irony.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Sometimes you gotta be subtle, sometimes you gotta get in their face. Either way, letting them weasel their way out of confronting their own teachings/history etc. isn't good.

  • steve2

    I remember JWs bragging about how they sent mormons and people collecting for charity packing for daring to come to their door! Oh the crazy irony.

    Good points sparrowdown and others. What a difference a day makes when I look back at my earlier comments!

    I can only agree that a good number of JWs I knew back in the day were tactless and pushy; equally, however, a good number weren't - they were considerate and, if anything, too ready to back off and almost apologize for disturbing householders by door-knocking.

    One of the things I resolved never to do as a JW - good little young man that I was - was to push my message on others; I was embarrassed by those tactless brothers and sisters.

    That said, now I also concede that sometimes as ex-JWs we've got to seize the moment and speak out and go for it. I just hope it isn't the norm for the OP and others to respond that way - attack is seldom effective in helping people see the error of their ways; more often than not, it simply becomes "evidence" that opposers are hateful and the mind springs shut.

    There could be times when the excellent things he's got to say could come over more clearly if he toned it down a bit. Just saying...

  • tepidpoultry

    Witnesses (usually two together) will just lick their wounds and move on,

    Basic psychology shows that information might be forgotten​ but the memory of emotions felt in such an encounter never will,

    Steve Hassan has a lot to say about helping people get out,

    He emphasizes KINDNESS,

    I concur,


  • JunkYardDog

    Yes I did Attack, yell and scream NO act wild NO. I was very composed and knew what I was doing. I was setting them up to lie, and not be footstep followers of jesus. it's a calculated attack. knock down one excuse after an other. since I know all their programmed answers, it was easy to prove to them they are trained by the wts to say programmed answers making tHEM worshippers of the FDS. AS i FINISHED MANY of their answers word for word. sure I was having fun, after a few minutes they knew they ran into a steamroller of wt knowledge. I was mainly talking to 1 nice young maN WITH his younger bro listening I went into the rev climax book etc. and started researching all the re; to the 1922-28 conventions and how they for fulled the 7 trumphes of rev. etc. what a load of crap. thats where I came in with don't have children and all black people will become white etc. at this point I did hit the mark with my salvo attack. the 2 black bros. called me on it and I GOOGLED it right infront of them. freeminds and made them read a few zionswts and wrote down a few dates about bro draper praying to god and turned white etc. They seemed very interested in this info. so I know I hit a nerve ( which is hard to do ) at this point some 75 80 yr old jw tried to drag them off from talking to me. I stepped right up to him and asked now long you been a jw? he said all his life. i said tell these young bros. what jehovahs word in the wt mags said about you never growing old and how i was never going to finish grade school? he looked at me with that glazed wt look. i told the young bros, you let this WT ZOMBIE drag you door 2 door. look he can't even defend what he been teaching all his life. Just look at him standing there like a Dope with out saying a word. you know why, BECAUSE HE KNOWS I'M TELLING THE TRUTH. do you young men want to waste your lives like this old man who never seen wts promises come. there was more said. But i think at the end the younger bro will look up some stuff. I hope I planted a Seed... jyd


  • JunkYardDog

    Steve 2 first off i can't think of a thread I have read in the last few years here you haven't commented on. that's not good or bad. I know you have wt knowledge. I read more than post. always learning. I enjoy talking to jw's in fs, since I know the lingo and the BS lines i have fun toying with them. it's a game I play, to make them look STUPID, think how it looks to a 12 year old kid to make his dad elder look like a wtzombie with a google AND IT WORKS. JW'S hate to get out talked that's my game;. trust me if you came to my door 30 yrs ago I would have made a fool out of you. i KNOW more then they do, and I give to them I give them with no escape route.. as you know Steve2 anyone that went d2d like you without proving the message unless you were under 18 yrs old is a fool. as you know next to every wt gave a re to some 1927 wt mag. WHY did you NEVER LOOK IT UP 50 for years??? never give me that BS I looked it up as soon I had the idea the wts may be teaching the truth if laSTED ABOUT A MONTH OR TWO. with any internet just public libraries and kh libraries

  • freddo

    Brilliant job JYD.

    Sat here in the early UK morning reading this thread - I love the way you called out the older JW and used him to warn the younger ones.

    If it doesn't wake them up now it'll wake them up later ...

  • smiddy

    sparrowdown when I was still " in" over 30 years ago now a young Elder (is that an oxy moron ?) was ranting to us in a group how he got stuck into a couple of Mormons who kept coming to his door trying to talk to him

    Obviously they thought he was a good "return visit" as you said "Oh the crazy irony"

    Even then I thought it a bit rich for him to complain when we did it all the time.

  • sparrowdown

    Smiddy - I've heard similar rants by self righteous JWs scoffing contemptously at anyone from mormons to buskers to raffle ticket sellers.

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