Clean, Clean the Kingdom Hall

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  • Mulan
    The JWs need more than a three page insert to instruct them on caring for the elderly, the sick, the poor....they need a book. A BIG one. Which they should be required to dutifully highlight and comment on at the book study.

    Isn't that the truth? My poor mother sits here day in and day out, waiting for anyone to come visit her. If I complain to the elders about their lack of love toward her, it improves for a week or two. There is a big congregation party today and no one called to tell her about it, but she knows about it. No one has specifically invited her. One of my friends told me about it and I mentioned it to Mom. She was sad, but still has her blinders on.

    In a loving family, who needs someone to complain to get family to visit anyone? So much for the "love among themselves".

  • Gadget
    Helping the sick, visiting the lonely, including a 'fatherless boy' in your family outing -- none of these are sacred service.

    The problem is these things are unseen, so why put effort into something the newbies won't see and therefore can't be used to impress them.


  • AnnOMaly

    38 minutes on cleaning! Oh b*%$**! h*$l. Heck! I don't even clean my own house!

    Maybe I can be sick that week (like I used to be on Rotten Review weeks).

  • Panda

    When I was borg it was always the "sisters" who cleaned the KH ... Often at the FS morning meeting of the tues thurs meetings. Cleaning offices then cleaning the KH ... The brothers got to mow the 6 sq ft of grass and trim bushes once a year --- no one vaccuumed the parking lot.

  • Panda

    Just another quick thought --- if someone had taken us out for coffee, then I'd volunteer to clean all of the time

  • Pepper

    I remember goinng to clean the hall as a young man with some older ones who enjoyed bringing food to munch on, this went on for quite sometime then a traveling overseer got pissed. This hall had a nasty weed problem, it was condemed twice in the town that I grew up in, I was ashamed to let my friends know I went there.

    There was someone we called the Rat Boy" in the hall he would poop in the heat vent in the mens rest room, but no one could catch him. The same hall had chicken wire hanging from all the windows there was a lot of windows, the wire had a pipe wired on the end of the mesh to keep it flat. They did this to keep the rocks from coming through the windows, which they did a lot sometimes before the chicken wire. This crazy place had a flat roof and when it rained or snowed we had to lay buckets everywhere at lest five or so, and hear them drip. There has been a lot of bull-shit in my life and most of it has came from being a J-Dub; welcome to the Borg; do not attempt to control your television we control all that you will see and hear. Next stop at the sign post up a head, "Freedom". Pepper

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is hilarious.

    "When was the last time that there was a three-page insert on visiting the sick?"

    how true !

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