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  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind

    What is the big deal when you say "good luck with that" or He just had bad luck? I have never been a JW, but what is the problem with saying these things? My husband was so mad, he went to bed and would not talk to me. ?????

  • waton

    who needs talk? cuddle up to him. good luck with that, lucky couple. co.......g.

  • venus

    JWs associate luck with demonic worship, hence they do not use that expression. Demons really do not exist--for example Jews do not believe snake that spoke in the garden of Eden is Satan. In the temptation account involving Jesus, Satan is shown as somebody who believes the shape of earth is flat because he takes Jesus to the top of the mountain to show "all the kingdoms of the earth." Hence Bible too shows that Satan is symbolic of sin, not a real person. If Satan is real, he would have caused an accident where ever nuclear weapons are kept and would have already caused the destruction of the humanity. Hence modern history too shows that Satan is not real, hence his supposed supporters called demons too are not real.

    Hence you can use the expression luck because luck exists. For a high-profile job opportunity, suppose two equally good people are finally short-listed, yet one only will be selected--that one is the lucky one.

    Another example, my friend was to board a plane, but was prevented from doing so because of a spelling mistake found in his passport and other documents. But five minutes after take off, plane had a mid-air collision with another plane leaving no survivors. My friend's apparent bad luck turned out to be a real luck.

  • smiddy

    Lost his mind

    Their is a scripture somewhere that says something like not putting one`s trust in the God of good luck that the JW`s can pull out of thin air. ( if i remember correctly)

    However they had no problem with saying you had good fortune if something went your way.or that was unfortunate if things didnt go so well your way .

    Jehovahs Witnesses are very superstitious people.especially where the Bible is concerned..

    Not that it is any business of mine or anybody else`s ,though I wonder how he, a JW is married to a non JW ,if you dont mind my asking ? Because that is discouraged amongst JW`s.LOL ( no offence intended)

    { You must be a bloody good sort for him to have disobeyed that direction from the GB }

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh and the society has often used the expression "best Wishes" when signing off letters or even during talks and broadcasts!

    As a child I was told that "wishes" were the same as "luck" and "fortune". Words true Christians should NEVER use!

  • OneEyedJoe

    Just wait until he sneezes and you say "bless you."

    It's a cult. They're conditioned to strongly reject very common things. Phrases like good luck and bless you. Objects like crosses and steeples. Personal choices like beards, long hair on men, piercings, etc. These are all things that they've been conditioned to recognize as "worldly" which, in turn, is recognized as being evil, lying in the hand of satan, and a part of satan's wicked system of things. This is designed such that outsiders can't help but give themselves away as being an outsider in a way that any JW will be all too aware of. This builds walls between the JW and the non-JW to prevent them from developing relationships outside the cult that might undermine the cult's control and leave them with a system of support should they ever consider leaving.

  • Vidiot

    Joe just summed it up really well.

  • LongHairGal

    If the words "luck", "fortune" and "best wishes" are supposedly bad then that leaves a vacuum and no sufficient word to convey well wishes to a person that a certain circumstance will turn out well.

    When somebody's going on a trip we say "bon voyage". When they are about to eat a fine meal we say "bon appetit". Why in the world should it be wrong to have some phrase that conveys "good luck" (oops I did it again).

    So I guess another word or phrase should be invented or would the Witnesses find fault with that? This is a classic case of straining out the gnat. These fools think they are being "spiritual" and warding off the demons, but they are just making themselves more stupid and neurotic.

  • WTWizard

    Joke-hova disapproves of any expressions that might hint at real spirituality. Luck is one form of spirituality that can be influenced by the planets. Astrology is specifically banned, and most jokehovians have a big hang-up with regard of mentioning the signs of the zodiac. They also reject most blessings--and joke-hova is not going to bless anything but its own fat self with regard to enslaving the whole world.

  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind

    Thank you all for the information.

    Smiddy- I have been married for 28 years and he has been studying with them for 27 years. I thought it was all bull crap and he would see it that way. About 3 years ago he decided to get baptized,I put my foot down and said it was me or them. Two years of argument later, he picked me for some reason (I can get downright mean when I argue). He still has the JW mindset but he no longer attends meetings. I had no idea good luck or bad luck was a bad thing. For someone to not believe in luck is really odd to me and to believe it is wrong some how is even more bizarre.

    He must have had an email from his JW sister yesterday, that usually sets him on fire for 3 or 4 days.

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