Tips on how to raise money

by Holden Caufield 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    Here`s a Shopping Cart and some empty Beer Cans..

    The Rest Is Up To You!..


    Image result for Shopping cartImage result for empty beer cans

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    This is not for myself but for a school project. I am in the business of ripping people off since this part of a school research project. You can choose not to donate plus I donated to myself as only a test run. really guys what the hell do you take me for. I have nothing to gain by ripping any of you guys off. I havetried soda refund and selling old stuff on ebay. I dreaded the idea of a go fund me myself but told those I was working with I would give it a try.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    I hate doing this personally but trying to gather money for travel overseas for school is no joke . Sorry if I happen to have offdended anyone you all seemed to have jumped my down throat. I would not scam someone for my own gain is just wrong and for you all to assume that is just wrong.

  • Simon
    I have nothing to gain by ripping any of you guys off.

    The trouble is, you do - if you rip anyone off then you gain that money. People do this, it's a big business and certain things are red-flags that suggest something may not be completely legit. That doesn't mean you're not, but if you do things that trigger those flags then people will react in a certain way.

  • jwleaks

    Holden Caufield said (actual quote - see 3 posts above, 2nd sentence):

    I am in the business of ripping people off
  • tiki

    You're on the wrong website. You should be contacting Warren Buffett for some real advice. Or maybe the lunatic Donald would be willing to assist you in your noble endeavors.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield
    come on really ripping people when this is part of a school project. I were doing for personal gain at the expense of my school I would be sued for everything. If you guys took this the wrong way then im sorry.
  • JRK

    Buy a squeegee and harass drivers at stoplights.

  • Scully

    Try a student loan, then.

    I used it to finance my college education, and it took a long ass time to pay it off, but it is paid in full.

  • dubstepped

    Alright Holden, how about instead of asking us to do all of the work of coming up with ideas or donations you show some initiative and let us know your ideas. You brainstorm and let us play off of your ideas. You tell us your skills. You tell us what kind of time you have available. So far you've given us nothing to work with.

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