July 7, 2017 Re: Needs in the Field—Training Others

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  • oppostate

    The pioneer helping others program was a total failure. From what I witnessed the pioneers thought they'd been dumped on and it was the person who studied with them originally who should help them or even more so, the elders who should be helping those "weak" and "new ones"--unless, that is, if the new one or weak one was one of the pretty people who everyone wanted to hang out with and let in on the pioneer clique.

    As an elder when this program was going on, our BOE discussions never really dealt with how to implement this in a sustainable way, our BOE just thought of who was a pain in the butt and who didn't respond to being coaxed into reporting more hours and who we'd rather not have to spend a weekend morning with in service, and then send the pioneers to help them get their act together.

  • freddo

    So what's behind this ... and why was the first one discontinued?

    Methinks the first one was discontinued so that if something went wrong (maybe the helper starts molesting the helpee - or the helpee has an accident while part of a Society program they might claim off the Society - or just that the pioneers don't want to be doing stuff for which they can't count their time) then the branch can't get sued.

    But now the monthly ministry results are looking worse and worse and the Society "helpers" and "GB" always like to lay the burden on the lower middle management while not lifting a finger themselves - and so it's keep "busy, busy, busy" for the pioneers and "blame, blame, blame" for the congo elders and "guilt, guilt, guilt" for the ones that allow themselves to be "assisted."

    One thing's for sure - "the ministry" is utterly ineffective - the gig is up but the corpse is still on life support.

  • Gorbatchov

    This kind of training is a communist method of counsel and disapproval.

    Use the format of us, if you don't we will train you to do so.



  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    WFB, I am amazed by your sources. You seem to have all the goods before even the people addressed on the letter head. Astonishing! Whoever your source is be careful, be very careful but keep it coming. Thanks a lot.

  • wifibandit
  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    the PAO program was discontinued when I was a regular Pioneer. We all thought it stopped because there were actually no improvement.

  • BluesBrother

    If a formal pairing up arrangement failed, this simple encouragement to be " proactive " and offer help is certainly not going to be effective.

    Think of it in a workplace situation. Ideally you have specialised training officers and courses to train new staff members. If that is not practical then a erson is assigned to teach the job to the new one. They have less workload because they are training and their success is measured by the progress of the new one.

    None of that happens here. Pioneers still have the hours requirement . This is extra , unpaid and no credit given , a labour of love. Will it happen? .....Nahh , I can't see it .

    Pioneers are least likely to be " applying the suggestions Llike all skilled workers they have their own way of doing things.... They might teach 'em how to creatively count time !

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