BEARE OF INDEPENDANCE - Leaked Talk On My YouTube Channel

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  • Phizzy

    " The Creator progressively reveals the truth to his people. Hence, our understanding of the Scriptures is bound to be refined from time to time "

    Utter Bollocks.

    I have used this un-scriptural theory to my advantage, pointing out that as the teachings I knew when in have, in the main, been replaced, I was never "in the truth", so they must prove to me that what they now teach is the truth.

    No JW has risen to the challenge.

    JW's need to learn to think independently, why should they go along with an Org that has consistently

    taught them untruths for more than a Century ??

  • heathen

    It's like accusing you of thought crime , they act like they never said a lie the whole time . GOD can not lie so therefor his organization can't ,,, it's just imperfect men that like to talk like the spirit reveals things but then when asked deny it . They claim the 2 prophets in revelation refer to their org. but still will deny claiming to be prophets , geez been over this stuff so many times on here ...

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    This is the problem with this website. It's too independent. If you let people think on their own, they might read whatever Bible version they want, and that could lead to all sorts of evils. How could you guys make any sense out of the Organization's magazines which are inspired of God (but not as inspired as the scriptures, which is a position I've never understood -- either something's inspired or it isn' can Jehovah inspire one more another?)

    The Society is very careful to keep its members on a short leash. It condemns the Roman church for withholding the scriptures from people and burning those who tried to read the scriptures on their own, yet it achieves similar control on people by publishing a substandard Bible and quoting only it in its required reading supplements. And if I question, say, the state of the dead in my own church, it turns into a discussion. Apparently, if you question it in a class in the Kingdom Hall, it can turn into being dragged in front of a body of elders!

    So much for independence!

  • EndofMysteries

    They should title the talks, "Beware of Independence, until you need financial help, then your on your own".

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Mallett (if that is the speaker's name) condemns a world prone to independent thinking.

    Good grief! That is the very best type of thinking! Where would we Homo sapiens be without our trade mark originality of thought?

    We would be still stuck in the Stone Age which is just where the JW org mentality is stuck today!

    Btw note how the silly phrase "independent thinking" is being consolidated into a readily recognised JW sin; a catch word to keep the faithful on the extremely narrow path designed by the WTBTS.

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