New Light Confirmed in New Book

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  • smack

    This tripe must scare teh beejeezuz out of the kids, NZ had a quake last night.......They'll be stocking up on

    baked beans again. Why bother going to school this week, we'll be kneedeep in fertaliser...blah blah blah de dah


  • dmouse

    Yes, the 'new light' on earthquakes is being confirmed but like Caspian said most JWs are still unaware of the change.

    This is because there are bucketfulls of Society material telling JWs that earthquakes have increased since 1914 (when they demonstrably have not). A century of indoctrination isn't going to be swept away with a few vague comments. (Hell, I bet lots are still unaware of the generation change!).

    It interesting that the Awake of March 22, 2002 states:

    “BEFORE his death, Jesus foretold events and situations that would give evidence that this world had entered "the conclusion of the System or things.” That period, he said, would be marked by such things as' pestilences, food shortages, and large-scale warfare. He also mentioned "great earthquakes"
    that would occur "in one place after another." (Matthew 24:3,7; Luke 21:10, 11) Was Jesus referring to our day?
    Many say no. They assert that the number of earthquakes has not substantially increased in recent decades. In fact, the U.S. National Earthquake Information Center reports that earthquakes of 7.0 magnitude' and greater remained "fairly constant" throughout the 20th century." * Note, though, that the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy does' not require an increase in the number or power of earthquakes. All Jesus said was that there would be great earthquakes in 'one place after another.'

    *The partial NEIC quote used above is available in full here:

    This is another case of the Internet ruining it for the WBTS. And why they are scared witless of it. It is easier than ever to collect information that blows the WBTS's claims out of the water, especially about 'end time' claims.

    I wonder how many more 'signs' the Society will have to back down on as more and more JWs become net-savvy and find out the real truth.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well imagine that a guy like onacruze can just post up the 1938 "Organization" WTs for any dub to inspect. And theres nothing the old fossils can do to stop it. A book that cant be burnt.

  • ozziepost

    Generally, the R&F are very slow to "pick up" on these subtle changes, so that in the congos. the R&F will still be hearing the "old truth" from the platform.

    As with many other things, the Borg can disclaim such things in talks by pointing to what is in print and saying, "See, we don't teach that."

    But tell that to those giving talks!

    It's similar to the "generation" change. How many times do we still hear in talks that the time is short and the Big A is getting very close. Why? We are told it's because Jesus came to his Kingdom in 1914.

    So "new light" it may be, but many (most) of the R&F haven't turned on the light-switch!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • UpAndAtom

    Stephanus, thanks for posting the picture.

    I remember when I was a child, how I used to love looking at pictures in books - particulary those space ones where men would live on distance futuristic planets, or space stations. It would fire up my young imagination and make me look forward to the future.

    Sharp constrast for Dub children hey?

  • Pistoff

    The new "children's book" is a real piece of garbage, even worse than the usual stuff coming from Brooklyn in the last ten years.

    In addition to the horrific photos, consider this quote:

    "The bible says that Satan is like a roaring lion who wants to eat us. And just as lions often pick on small animals, Satan and his demons often pick on children." (1Peter 5:8) P 170, pp1.

    How do you feel about your 5 year old worrying about the devil picking on him? And that God can protect him from Satan, but we have to do what the book says.

    Lying, abusive, controlling bast****.

  • eisenstein

    New Light? about new ways to put the FEAR OF GOD into the minds of little children who are at a tender age of learning new things. WTF. I still have nightmares about the end of the world and armaggedon, just think what an impression this book is leaving on a child's mind.


  • Panda

    Isn't this child abuse? I remember a friend whose little boy was making like a monster and saying"[ he's] attacking and will make your blood gush out because he had claws and big teeth." Well my friend went ballistic, "where did you see that? I'll bet that babysitter showed you a movie, did she?" His reply as his Mom berated him and grabbed his arm," No Mom it was the Kingdom Hall Book" --- It was the Revelation Climax book which had been new at the time.

    Thanks for posting that picture. Those of us who've been gone a long time haven't seen what passes for Bible study literature. I think the WTS is getting close to insanely obvious claims which will show more and more that WTS is a cult group.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    hhhhhhhmmmmmmm, I thinking about going back, they must be right !!!!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not,

    let's see total amount of earthquakes in Canada since 1914 = 0 , before 1914 1 or more hhhhhhhmmmmm guess this propecy does not apply to Canada.

  • Panda

    LOL run don't walk, It might not apply to Texas either. Unless we're talking about the days of the dinosaurs? Did the dinos keep records ...oh wait their writing turned to oil yes of course and the oil lubricated much of Canada and the US (except for Calif ) so Jehovah was saving us eons ago from his own prophecies. So then, dinos were prophets of the first kind!

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