The Purity of God's word

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  • WTWizard

    God's word (joke-hova's) is full of, not just errors, but LIES. Deliberate lies. And that thing has maneuvered our governments to criminalize any cross-examination of those lies--and the lies that this thing called "god" is using to manipulate us into providing this planet for its filthy reptilians (angels). That thing wants us all enslaved to repurpose this planet for those ugly things to inhabit, and that means heating it to 80 degrees (Celsius, not old dinosaur degrees). Talk about global warming! And we are to believe the lies that humanity is to blame?

    On the other hand, Satan wants to save the planet for its original inhabitants. Which would you rather trust, one that wants to save the planet and those already here, or those who wish to steal it for its own ugly creatures and ruin it for everyone else?

  • smiddy3

    If you want to know what a specific religion believes don`t go to their opponents to get truthful answers, go to the religion in question .

    Paraphrasing what JW`s teach about their religion.

    If you want to know the truth about Satan don`t go to a source {Bible} an opponent of Satan ,rather go to Satan himself.

    The question is though unlike the Bible that people assert is God`s written word their is no such book that is claimed to be the written word of Satan .

    We only have the opposer`s view of Satan which may be completely biased .and wrong.

  • steve2

    We could be trying to engage a spammer. Does Simon know about this “poster” who never responds?

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