Jehovah's Witnesses and Love

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  • dubstepped

    @Cold Steel- Acts of service are but one aspect of love. It does exist in the organization, of course, but it's not the culture in general. It's not an either/or situation. I remember coming out of a book study one time to find groceries on our car when the factory my dad worked at was on strike. People give each other rides to places. I mean, they aren't devoid of humanity in their entirety. But the emphasis as far as service goes is service like field service, or bible study, those are actd of service that REALLY matter, according to them.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    Rebel8: -I was born with a bleeding disorder and thus referred to as a demonic vampire

    Interesting. Tell me more. Did they actually try to use crosses and garlic against you? My mom thought I was a vampire for awhile. I have no idea why, since I was already a vegetarian by then and drinking blood would definitely qualify as unkosher.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I've never heard of vampirism being one of the targets of the JWs. They wouldn't use crosses, though but torture stakes.

    "Die, vampire, die!"

    "Noooooooo...wait...what's that?

    "It's a torture stake.

    "What do you mean...torture stake, Helsing? What's that supposed to do?"

    "It's supposed to stop you in your tracks, monster! I used to use crosses, but ve converted to Jehovah's Witnesses. Now ve use torture stakes. See...take that, and that!"

    "Ouch...stop it, Helsing. Stop it!"

    "Ja...dees torture stakes pack holy power!"

    "No...they're sharp, Helsing. Did Helga join too?"

    "Oh...ja, ja! Ve took ze Bible lessons together."

    "Bible lessons?"

    "Ja...see, I've got some literature right here? Vould you be interested in ze Bible lessons?"

    "I don't know...."

    "Ze are free! No cost to to you. Vat do you'n say,"

    "Ouch...stop it with ze...I mean the torture stakes! FREE, eh?"

    "Ja! FREE! It is ze truth, Count! And ze truth vill make you...."

    "FREE! Well, perhaps you're on to something herr Helsing! I can always live by blood transfusions, right?"

    " can talk about it, Count. We can talk about it. And me 'brother Helsing.'"

  • Skepsis

    I've seen a complete lack of love in the organisation since I was a child, particularly brothers and sisters in their 80s and 90s who from one day to another stop attending to meetings and then you find out they're in a elderly homecare where elders don't visit them.

    But you know, there are a lot of things to do like visiting strangers who don't want to listen to you or make the general cleaning of the Kingdom Hall. Such things are clearly more important. 😡

  • tor1500


    JW's only love you if you are a JW or a JW in the making....

    The Bottom line JW's (some) love with to me it wasn't the org. that taught folks to love conditionally, they needed a good soil to plant that type of folks that can love like that...dig into their home life, their environment...if any one had the time to research the kind of people that love only conditionally, you may find they have something in common....when you are loved, no matter who or what you know Love...and nobody can tell you different, oh well, yes they can, because many on this site including conditionally because we wanted to be accepted knowing it's wrong to love like the society tells us...we can't hide behind the org. for what we know deep in our hearts is really we shouldn't be angry at the org. but ourselves...because we knew better.


  • konceptual99

    I think there can be a lot of love amongst Witnesses. The problem is that it is conditional.

    If you watch The Path on Amazon there is a character who is removed from the cult and goes to see another person who has been out of the cult for help. The guy can't help him and as he is leaving the character says...

    "I wish I hadn't believed you lost your worth when you lost your faith"

    This is exactly what happens with Witnesses. You lose faith and you lose your worth, your human capital, with those still in.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    JWs believe in a cold, psychotic kind of love called agape love, that is based on principle and devoid of sentiment. It's the kind of love that allows them to shun their own children as doing so is an expression of Jehobers love for them. It's the kind of love that allows a JW to feel justified in not giving any material assistance to the needy because filling the minds of the poor with Watchtower theology is more beneficial to them than filling their hungry bellies.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    konceptual99 » I think there can be a lot of love amongst Witnesses. The problem is that it is conditional.

    Among the JWs is one thing. How are they at helping those outside of the sect? Do they limit the groceries to those on the inside or do they help people on the outside? How about earthquake relief and flood relief? Are we likely to see JWs involved in these?

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