under pressure

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  • berylblue

    No advice RF, I am a loser in the work world, just wanted to wish you all the best

  • obiwan

    I've been in the position where money is offered later, and it never comes. Meanwhile your stuck doing twice the work, and when you ask for a raise it's even harder to get one because your already doing the work. Even if they centralize things, it will still mean more work for you, you'll basically be juggling to positions, they will each have thier own tasks that you can't just fold into one position.

    I would ask for a raise now, and explain to them that one, they wouldn't be looking at you if they didn't recognize the skills, two, it's cheaper for them to give you a raise than to either hire a new person or to promote someone, either one involves training and lost productivity, and three they now the quality employee they are getting, there's no risk like there would be with an unproven individual.

    Good luck!

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