Don't touch ark of covenant

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  • Chook

    Lookout.. this elder was a genuine dickhead who was trying to establish a JC against me for slander ,he had connections to the top. The problem the CO had was he was only appointed 6 months before at the grand old age of 26, my issue raised was he told his wife things that were said in sheparding call. Nothing said to elders is in confidence when they are married. I honestly believe they can't lose their job if CO likes them.

  • prologos
    berrygerry" "Another death caused by David. David ordered the Ark to be moved, and organized the move.

    good point and according to ps. 27:4 he liked to hang around in the house of god (the tent) , but it was forbiiden by penalty of death to be only the domain of the priests, Levites and not of the tribe of Judah The ark was supposed to be carried on poles with flexible 8 legged earth contact, not wheels on unpaved roads. where there not carry-on movies?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "The ark was supposed to be carried on poles...", poor Uzzah was a sacrificial lamb. Before Uzzah reached his hand toward the ark Israel was already sinning before God. But anyway I like Spielberg fictional story "Raiders of the Lost Ark" it was more entertaining than the fictional tale in the Bible.

  • freddo

    If the JW fairytale were even true none of us would get to the end of "the 1,000 year reign" let alone live forever. We're bound to upset the capricious YHWH and get zapped before long.

    E.g. (On a bible study with a resurrected pirate - namely Edward Teach aka Blackbeard)

    You: "Well if you want a beard Mr. Teach it must be well groomed and trimmed."

    Mr. Teach (aka Blackbeard): "Well Ooh Arrrr me Hearty!"

    YHWH: "NO BEARDS!!! I'VE CHANGED MY MIND (AGAIN) !!!!!" (Sends lightening bolt to Zap you)

    Blackbeard (looking at pile of ash that was you): "Well shiver me timbers!"

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    The so-called "elders" among are much like the Brahmins in the Hindu religion. Whoever dares to make the first move to challenge their so-called "authority" is running the risk of being accused of apostasy.

  • Crazyguy

    Just on a side note but from my research the so called ark of the covenant is a copy of the Egyptian Bark. This item was very much similar to the ark that's in the Bible. There's carvings of these on some of the temple walls and they found one in king tuts tomb. Again just another thing the Bible writers stole from Egypt.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    TheFadingAbatros:"Whoever dares to make the move to challenge their authority" yes also if so-called authority is wrong the RF is the blame. "We didn't say the end would come in Uzzah you folks ran ahead".

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    After tha ark reached it's destination, David "I need volunteers to remove the ark from the cart".

    Hell no, didn't you see what happen to our brother Uzzah, we will stand over there and your sorry ass unload it.

    We will not touch it with a ten foot pole.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's interesting, but the entire point of the story about the steadying the ark is all about divine authority and following divine procedure. There were proscribed ways of moving with and carrying the ark just as there are for appointing and ordaining elders. The Israelites had grown careless in these procedures and had not followed the Lord's commandments. The ark, like most everything else in Hebrew worship, was symbolic and represented the bond, or connection, between Heaven and Earth. That it was covered with a veil represented the veil that existed between the two abodes. And while it was covered, no man could touch it -- not even the high priest. Uzzah was no priest and he should have known to just let the ark go, for there was nothing forbidding the ark from touching the ground.

    Now pertaining to the appointment of elders, it's a fair question to ask how, according to the dictates of scripture, they are chosen and how they receive their authority from On High. We know the rules regarding the ark because it was given by God and carefully recorded. But Uzzah's sin wasn't against the priests and rulers of the people, it was against God, so I don't understand your CO's point. There is no connection or correlation between Heaven and the elders of the Jehovah's Witnesses that I know of. The dos and don'ts of the ark are well documented by the Lord himself; however, the same cannot be said about the qualifications of a JW elder.

    So what was his beef? Probably that you were questioning your leaders who have been called and instructed by Jehovah like Moses. Only what leaders would those be?? None of the current or past JW leaders, as far as I know, have heard even a word from God. Even in 1919 God never spoke to the presiding body to announce His momentous decision to choose them as His spokesmen forever, based on his inspection of the world's religions and their leaders.

  • Chook

    At start of thread I should have been more clear in that I raised issue regarding only one elders qualifications.

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