The Org is Growing???? Really???????

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  • redpilltwice

    Growth, doesn't matter as long as JW's think:

  • steve2

    The earthly part of Jehovah’s organization is growing in many ways, but growth necessitates change."

    An interesting description of growth isn't it. 'Growing in many ways' means what exactly? Increases in publishers? Baptisms? Memorial attendances? Back in the day, they were very direct and concrete about growth - now they spin doctor it so it could mean anything but still cleverly convey the impression of an organization on the move.

    It will be interesting to know if this year's memorial attendances broke 20 million.

  • sparrowdown

    The org is growing for the same reason Pinochio's nose grew.

  • pepperheart

    I dont think in the southern part of africa,in one of the watchtower videos it tells you that that the south africa branch looks after TWENTY countrys in southern africa in the october broadcasting tv programe it shows you some of the people who have been kicked out of bethal as they are not needed

  • Phizzy

    They still make converts, from the weirder spectrum of Society, and they get a form of growth from the kids growing up and staying in the faith, most though don't stay that long.

    What has without doubt decreased is the rate of growth, even by their own doubtful figures.

    During my decades in I saw a number of doublings of total membership . I wonder how long it will take for the 8 million or so they claim now to become 16 million ?

  • shepherdless

    I suspect what minuscule growth they have had in recent times, is largely to do with squeezing the numbers and definitions to extreme.

    I was shocked to discover that all my kids were "unbaptized publishers". None of them go door to door. I am pretty sure that for the youngest 2, none of their (primary school) classmates would even know they were JW's. It wouldn't surprise me to find out the cat is an unbaptized publisher as well.

  • Saename

    Yes! How amazing is our growth! It's all Jehovah!

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    Oh hell... Wrong one...

    That's better now!

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